UCSD - Li Zhuofan, Chinese Student Association President, engages in multiple despicable behaviors towards men

Cheating at boyfriend's place, flirting with other men, spending $100,000, and leaving debts to international students

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Caroline Li Zhuofan is the current president of the Chinese Student Association at the University of California, San Diego. At first glance, she is a well-built, well-off, and good-looking “good girl”. However, her ex-boyfriend’s revelations reveal a completely different behavior, to the point where she can no longer be called just a “scumbag”, but a real-life scumbag.

She used PUA techniques to make her boyfriend buy her high-end luxury goods, while engaging in cheating, hooking up, and money-grabbing behavior. She also deliberately delayed paying tuition fees, even making up lies about domestic violence to swindle money. In addition, she deliberately created conflicts that caused her boyfriend to run away from home, and then let her hookup have sex in his house, never telling her friends the truth and frequently lying. At the same time, she actively seduced multiple male students during the same period and had unprotected sex with them.


  1. Using PUA techniques for a long time to make her boyfriend buy her luxury goods, deliberately creating conflicts, driving her boyfriend away, and letting her hookup have sex in his house.
  2. Her boyfriend treated their relationship sincerely, paid for her tuition fees, rent, and expenses for more than $100,000 within three months! She still privately invited her hookup to have sex in her boyfriend’s house.
  3. Using the same method to chat flirtatiously with multiple male students at the same time and even having unprotected sex with them.
  4. Submitting fake Duolingo language test scores when transferring from UW to UCSD.
  5. Refusing to pay back her debts for tuition fees.
Boyfriend’s Disclosure

Boyfriend: Bro, I feel really upset

Friend: What happened?

Boyfriend: I feel like I’ve been deceived for a long time

Boyfriend: I found out that when I wasn’t home, my girlfriend brought her fuck buddy to have sex in my room.

Friend: What? ?? ?? ?? ?

Friend: Woc

Friend: This is so outrageous

Boyfriend: It turns out that she has been deceiving me since we started dating.

Friend: Woc, I can’t believe it.

Boyfriend: Yes, it’s too scary.

Friend: How did you not notice earlier?

Boyfriend: She wouldn’t let me see her phone, and she timed everything perfectly.

Friend: That’s outrageous.

Friend: What happened?

Boyfriend: I’m sorry, I’m really confused.

Friend: Oh my god, she spends your money and lives in your place and still does this to you!!! I really didn’t expect her to be like this.

Friend: How did you find out she brought her lover home later?

Boyfriend: Her behavior became very strange during that time. When she replied to messages, she avoided me and didn’t let me see the messages, as if she was afraid I would discover something. That day, when she fell asleep at noon, her iPad was still on, and I suddenly saw her flirtatious chat with her lover. I couldn’t resist my curiosity, and I found out that she had let her lover come to our home three hours before I came home!

Friend: What? Is she so disgusting? She dared to do this right under your nose, in your own home.

Friend: I don’t even know how long I was kept in the dark. It’s really scary.

Boyfriend: You know, I’ve been chatting with her since last year and I have feelings for her. She occasionally sends me some ambiguous messages. In early March, we started dating, and during spring break, we traveled to Mexico together. I paid for all the travel expenses because I was still pursuing her. Unexpectedly, she asked to sleep in the same bed with me, and we became a couple after that. I’m studying at USC, so I drive from LA to SD every week to see her. Later during the summer break, I decided to stay in SD and rented a townhouse for her in early July. I paid more than $4,000 per month for the rent. I really loved her at that time, and she wasn’t feeling well, so I cooked for her every day. I even brought a footbath tub from LA to warm her feet and gave her massages at night. I bought her an $8,000 piano, various bags, and a Tiffany necklace. Within my ability, I tried my best to meet her needs, although she never gave me any gifts, and 99% of the material expenses were paid by me. In terms of emotions, I really loved her 100%, even though the effort put in was always imbalanced. However, as long as she genuinely loves me, I’m willing to do it. I feel like I’m too invested, bro.

Boyfriend: And you know what! She not only hid it from me, but also from her sex partner. She didn’t want him to know that I rented the house. Later, when her sex partner found out what kind of person she was, he apologized to me and told me that they had sex in my house.

Boyfriend: Brother, I really want to expose the truth and let everyone see the true face of Li*Fan, the president of the UCSD C优 student organization. She is deceiving everyone, including her friends.



Boyfriend: Look at the scratches.

Boyfriend: Afterwards, the police took her to a mental hospital for one night, and it was her birthday that day. Actually, I wanted to let her have a good birthday before talking to her, but I didn’t expect her to act crazy like that towards me.

L never suspected anything until recently when Li Zhuofan deliberately hid his phone from him. He vaguely felt that something was wrong and one night, after his girlfriend fell asleep, he checked her chat records and found out that she had another boyfriend.

Underground Boyfriend No.1

Li Zhuofan: Oh, I want to have the spicy hot pot you made.

Underground Boyfriend No.1: Here I am.

Li Zhuofan: It’s been a long time.

Li Zhuofan: It’s too hard.

Underground Boyfriend No.1: It’s not hard.

Underground Boyfriend No.1: Let’s make hot pot together next time.

Li Zhuofan: Okay.

In order to play with her “party friend,” she deliberately waited until her boyfriend left, just so that the two of them could stay together a little longer.

What does “a little longer” mean? Isn’t it just spending the night together?

Underground boyfriend number two

Underground boyfriend number two: When are you free in the next few days? I’ll come find you for a meal.

Li Zhuofan: I’m free every day to eat, because we have to eat every day, right?

Li Zhuofan: But if you can come and stay for a few days, then I want to wait until my friend leaves.

Li Zhuofan: It’s hard to come, so of course we want to stay together a little longer.

Li Zhuofan: I’m going to pick grapes tomorrow, hehe.

Underground boyfriend number two: Does staying longer mean spending the night?

Underground boyfriend number two: Where are you going?

Li Zhuofan: Ah, are you asking where we should eat?

Li Zhuofan: Did you leave on the same day you came to SD?

When L read this, she probably was very angry. She refused to meet him, but he insisted on coming to her house. This is really too much. Is L really that bad? After all, he spent nearly $100,000 on her. They made an appointment to do a spa together.

Underground boyfriend No.3

Li Zhuofan: If I asked you to come to Irvine to see me yesterday, would you come?

Li Zhuofan: I didn’t think about it yesterday. We can actually do a spa together in Irvine and lie down comfortably.

Li Zhuofan: Then lie down and relax.

Underground boyfriend No.3: What happened? Why so emo?

Li Zhuofan: I miss you so much.

Underground boyfriend No.3: Hehehe

Underground boyfriend No.3: But you are really too tired. You still have to drive back so late.

To have the best of both worlds, Li Zhuofan did not let her “party friends” know that the apartment was rented by her boyfriend. Li Zhuofan’s boyfriend took pictures of the rental contract for proof:

Rental Contract

To further verify the situation, Classmate L contacted Li Zhuofan’s “party friends”. The apartment was rented in early July, and not long after, Li Zhuofan invited her “party friends” to visit under the guise of being in a romantic relationship.

Photo of Li Zhuofan

At first, Classmate L just wanted to break up and have her girlfriend admit her mistakes. Li Zhuofan thought that he only had some unfounded rumors, so he tried to make excuses and even slapped Classmate L arrogantly. Then he went into a fit of rage, which was quite frightening. After throwing a bowl to the ground, he even tried to use wrist-cutting as a bargaining chip. Classmate L had never seen this kind of situation before and was a little dazed, but luckily, he recorded a video.

This is a photo from Li Zhuofan’s Instagram:

Photo of Li Zhuofan

Looking at his image at the time, it was really scary.

Screenshot from video

That day was Li Zhuofan’s birthday, and L wanted to have a good chat and end it there.

I didn’t expect it to turn out like this, after all, he was once so sincere.

Accompanied Li Zhuofan to Puerto Rico and spent $15,000.

Bill 1

After 3 months of dating, he had spent nearly $100,000 for Li Zhuofan, and that doesn’t even include the money that Li Zhuofan borrowed from him under the pretext of paying tuition fees.

Bill 2

Li Zhuofan said she liked the piano, and L immediately bought one for $7,725.

The purchase date was August 25, less than a month ago.

Piano bill

On July 28th, he helped Li Zhuofan pay tuition fees of $3,659.

Tuition bill

Spent $10,000 on his girlfriend in just one week, this boyfriend is good enough, isn’t he? But Li Zhuofan was not satisfied. During their relationship, he even attempted to steal his good friend away.

Initiated friend request
Male friend
R-rated photo

It’s a publicity stunt, full of twists and turns.

Now, let’s take a look at the photo of Li Zhuofan and her boyfriend: gentle and peaceful, almost like two different people.

Boyfriend’s photo

When the two were in a relationship, Li Zhuofan was alone at UCIC President’s house, and it is not known what exactly happened.

Conversation record 1

From the subsequent chat, L learned that UCIC President was pursuing Li Zhuofan, and she did not refuse.

Conversation record 2

Making friends in this way is already surprising enough, but what happened next revealed Li Zhuofan’s terrifying nature.

Falsification of Grades

She transferred from UW to UCSD with falsified grades, which someone else helped her with. At first, the person did not want to do it.

Li Zhuofan threw a tantrum, using all kinds of tactics to make the other person feel wronged. He is a real master of PUA.

Tea gets angry

Li Zhuofan: It’s not necessary to use this method on me. If you don’t want to do something, just say it. I don’t understand why you stopped being proactive with me. Is it because I pressured you too much? I don’t know why so many ordinary things become me forcing you or coercing you when they’re with you. If you don’t do them, I’ll get very emotional. If that’s really the case, I’m very sorry. I thought many things should have been done by you proactively, but apparently that’s not the case, so it became me asking if you could help me with something. If your response is “yes,” I assume it’s like what you said: just say what you want, and if you don’t, I won’t know what you’re thinking. So, if I say it and you don’t agree, it becomes if you don’t agree, I’ll do this and that.

Li Zhuofan: I don’t know what to do anymore, like our anniversary. If I don’t bring it up, it won’t happen. If I do, and you say it’s not over until the end of January, I have expectations of what will happen at the end of January, but it didn’t happen. Instead, if I show that I’m unhappy, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t be like this.

Li Zhuofan: I have too many things I shouldn’t do, like having expectations or being unhappy when you refuse to do something for me when you promised. I should not ask you to do anything for me because it’s all up to chance for me. Maybe you will agree, but you don’t want to. Maybe you won’t agree and think I’m not good enough, or maybe you’ll agree happily, or maybe you think I shouldn’t have asked.

Li Zhuofan: Since I have so many concerns, I can’t have emotions.

Li Zhuofan: I thought I had changed a lot, but I still can’t meet your standards. I can’t even get any information.

A: I can’t speak as clearly as you, nor can I take care of people as well as you do. Let me say a few words.

A: I feel that there are many things that you can do on your own, and many things should be done proactively for you, but not everything should be done proactively for you. For example, when you are studying for exams, I am happy to help you, but your mentality of relying on me to take the Duolingo exam shows your lack of confidence from the beginning, and you will not be able to focus on the exam 100%.

A: It’s not that lack of confidence is wrong, but the Duolingo exam itself is a content that you have a good foundation in, and there is nothing beyond the scope of knowledge. The speaking and writing parts of the exam test your mentality, and I think I have no problem with my own exam.

Li Zhuofan: I just want to do well in the exam and have a greater chance of staying at UH.

A: Your level of 130 is no problem, I can accompany you to take the exam, but I can’t necessarily achieve the exam results you want.

Li Zhuofan: It’s okay.

Li Zhuofan: I’m not asking you to help me achieve any specific results.

Li Zhuofan: I just want a little bit of your kindness.

A: ??

Li Zhuofan: It’s okay if you don’t have any kindness. I’m just feeling disheartened.

Li Zhuofan: When did I ever ask you to help me achieve any specific results?

A: Okay, I got it wrong.

A: I didn’t know that you needed my kindness for the exam.

A: I even gave you a full scholarship for the practice questions.

A: Why do you need me for the exam? Isn’t it for your own risk considerations?

Her life photos

Taking a photo with a luxury car
Outdoor photo
Life corner 1
Life corner 2
Life corner 3

Unfortunately, she can never go back to the way things were.

At first, when I saw her crazy videos, it was hard to understand her behavior.

Now I finally understand: it turns out that while her family’s flag was still flying, there were also colorful flags flying outside.

If the colorful flag could turn into a serious relationship, she would kick L off when the opportunity arises. If not, she would continue the relationship.

I just didn’t expect that she was discovered by her family’s “ATM” and a lot of evidence was also collected.

Breaking up is a small matter, but if the colorful flag outside finds out, the carefully planned game would fail.

Life corner 4

I remember there was a text in primary school called “Monkey Breaking Corn”. First, break the corn, then pick the peaches, and then take the watermelon.

Seeing the little white rabbit chasing after it again, in the end, it went home empty-handed.

In fact, what is most feared in a relationship is encountering this kind of person.

Everyone has their own strengths, and you can’t just cling to someone as soon as you see their strengths.

While others thought that her lifestyle was problematic, she felt that she was pursuing a better happiness.

In the end, it was all for nothing. In fact, L was really good to her.

Life corner 5
Group photo
Life corner 6


During the boyfriend stage, spending a lot of money is not unusual. If the two can have a happy ending, it is also a happy thing in life.

Unfortunately, Li Zhuofan spent recklessly, gradually becoming charming and lost in his mind, ruining his life.

The little monkey can only return home empty-handed, but she has to return home in hiding.

Fortunately, she is still young, and hopefully, she can turn over a new leaf.

Also, I hope that L can get over the old relationship soon and start a new life.


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