UCSD - Green Hat Guy sparks controversy on campus

Deliberately turning on a girl's camera leads to a huge uproar on campus!

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Plot Summary

This is a story that happened at the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). During an online Q&A session for a master’s program, a Chinese female international student suddenly turned on her camera, showing her and a male student engaging in sexual activity. The whole process lasted only about 15 seconds and was interrupted by the host’s exclamation of “oh my gosh.”

The video and screenshots were quickly circulated in a WeChat group and on Little Red Book. At first, this incident did not attract much attention, but a few days later, a post by Carrie appeared on the adult wall at UCSD. The post roughly said, “I am the person who was cuckolded. I gave my girlfriend to you (referring to the male student in the video), but you two betrayed me together. I am no longer a boyfriend, so let’s destroy together!” The cuckold admitted that he was the one who turned on the female student’s camera and even dared to engage in illegal activities.

This incident quickly attracted attention, and Jon in a campus gossip group began to expose the conflict between Carrie and a female student (who had already graduated) in the Rady graduate group. The content was roughly that the female student had a relationship with the male student in the video and had been his girlfriend. Later, the cuckold also exposed that they had a “swapping” relationship and sent a large number of the female student’s life photos/ooxx videos with the female student and the female student in the zoom video.

A year ago, UCSD had an incident where two people were caught having sex in the Geisel Library, and the female lead turned out to be the female student in the video. Later, the female lead in the zoom video also participated in the conflict and began to expose the cuckold’s bad behavior, and the cuckold began to expose the female student’s photos.

Finally, the cuckold revealed that all the previous disputes between the three of them were fabricated by him after stealing their three phones.


The main characters are:

  1. Carrie: self-proclaimed “cuckold slave”, who enjoys watching his girlfriend having sex with others. However, he was later exposed as a phone thief who isn’t even worthy of wearing a cuckold hat.
  2. “Do not chat after graduation”: Female lead 1, the person known as the “Geisel Library decompression door girl” at the time. She was exposed by Carrie the cuckold in the Rady Business School group chat.
  3. “Carrie is dead, burn paper if there is anything”: Female lead 2, appeared in the Rady zoom scandal posted by Carrie. She has a great figure and was claimed by Carrie to be the girl he cheated on before.
  4. Vince: Male lead in the decompression door and zoom scandals. He did not join the Rady group chat war, but may have been eliminated by a hitman hired by Carrie the cuckold (this is just speculation).
  5. Carrie’s mother: The war god in the Rady group chat, with the ability to attack the cuckold at max level.
  6. Jon: Livestreamed the entire Rady group chat battle and was later betrayed by his ID, which was sold to the outside world.

Images and Chat Records

This is too terrifying, NSFW, so I won’t post it here. If you want to see it, go to the PDF at the beginning, which is 108 pages long, over 60MB, and after the first few pages, it’s just the content I described above.

Almost all of them are nude and sexually explicit photos, please handle with caution and keep this material away from those who are not suitable.


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