NYU - Wang Zicong Multiple Accusations (Fraud, Abuse, Deception)

Threatening Domestic Violence, Abusing Pets, Slandering Ex-girlfriend, and Other Serious Crimes

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Table of Contents

  1. Inventing imaginary friends - Picking up girls, PUA
    • Creating fake accounts and flirting with men to increase credibility, claiming that an internet celebrity was his ex-girlfriend, creating market value for himself
  2. Spreading rumors about past lovers having abortions, manipulating facts
    • Claiming that a pure internet relationship with a past lover ended when she wore lingerie to seduce him, claiming that two past lovers who did not know each other (one in California and one in New York) were jealous of each other at school
  3. Faking admission notices, lying about educational background
    • Claiming to have received full scholarships from NYU for undergraduate studies, half scholarships from Columbia for graduate studies, and offers from prestigious schools such as Yale
    • Actually graduated from Pace University for undergraduate studies and NYU Tandon for graduate studies, and his academic performance was not as good as he claimed
  4. Claiming to have an easy-to-get green card
    • Actually, he got his green card with the help of his ex-girlfriend who was a US citizen, and one of the reasons they did not break up was due to this
    • Claiming to have money abroad and not receiving money from his family in China, but he actually did not have money when he was abroad
  5. Double standards for past lovers, bullying the weak and fearing the strong
    • After being dumped, he messaged a past lover who had a green card to reconcile
    • Threatening another past lover (who had suffered from domestic violence and who he spread rumors about having an abortion) in a bullying tone
  6. Abusing cats and dogs, threatening and abusing a past lover
    • Abusing a dog while living at a past lover’s home, causing the dog’s leg to be lame for several days
    • Threatening a past lover, causing her to report him to the police and the school
  7. Boasting about living in a $4k-$5k Manhattan apartment
    • Actually living in a 1b1b shared with someone else, and he lived in the undivided living room
    • Posting pictures of his “apartment” that his mother stayed in when she visited him in the US, which was actually someone else’s home
  8. He doesn’t like to take baths or brush his teeth, and he doesn’t wear underwear.
    • When he was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend in the United States, she did all the housework, and he didn’t even know how to use the washing machine.
    • He claimed to have had abs before, but in fact, he has never been thin since he was 200 pounds at his heaviest. The timeline spans from 17 years ago to the present.
  9. Lamborghini and Supercar Club
    • He claimed that his blue Lamborghini (which actually belongs to a friend) was repainted white, and he bought three cars in New York.
    • He is also a member of the Wuhan Supercar Club, but actually has not bought a car in New York and often owes money for Uber rides.
  10. Sending girls’ private photos and taking photos without consent
    • He sent unblurred private photos of other girls and named life photos of friends without their consent.
    • He often takes pictures of strangers’ thighs and other body parts.


James, what do you think?

I didn’t read the argument in detail, so I can’t say if it’s true. Even if it is true, there is still a long way to go before it is confirmed as an illegal act, so we can just enjoy the show. However, even as entertainment, there don’t seem to be any famous quotes or phrases, so the quality is not very high.

GPT, evaluate Wang Zicong.