KCL - Xing Lecong accused of sexual harassment and fraud

Exposing Xing Lecong's wrongdoings, including deceiving women under the guise of dating, and being accused of sexual harassment.

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As a UAL student, I do not associate with people who enjoy chaos and frequent interactions. I can guarantee with my character that everything I say is truthful, and not a word of it is false or exaggerated. Please listen to me and let me narrate the story.

Xing Lecong is a man who used to study in Birmingham and is now studying in KCL in London. He often, very often uses the guise of dating to cheat women. He has cheated many women and has a very wide scope of activities.

Xing Lecong WeChat
Xing Lecong WeChat

Now let me talk about my personal experience. This individual actively asked for my WeChat through my Little Red Book account.

Little Red Book conversation
Little Red Book conversation

At the beginning, we occasionally chatted. Initially, it was relatively normal, but then he began to speak nonsensically at times.

WeChat conversation 1
WeChat conversation 2

For some time, we didn’t contact each other. One day, he suddenly informed me that he had moved to London and wanted to watch a movie with me. I agreed, and he came to pick me up by car. This was our first meeting, but he tried to touch me inappropriately throughout the movie, trying to hold my hand and cuddle with me, but I rejected him. After the movie, I wanted to go home. He had planned for us to find a place to eat and have a drink (because I hadn’t eaten), but his behavior made me feel uncomfortable, so I said I wanted to go home.

However, something unexpected happened that night. A friend of mine wrote a program to snatch up face-to-face appointments for Spanish visas, and he messaged me while I was watching the movie, saying that we had got an appointment for the next morning at 10 am. I looked worried, and he asked me what was going on. I explained the situation, saying that the agency that was supposed to provide my materials wasn’t open yet and that the itinerary I prepared myself, including the travel confirmation, was not completed. Additionally, I didn’t have a printer at home.

He then suggested that he would help me prepare and asked me to accompany him for a few drinks and a meal. I agreed and thanked him for his help, but warned him not to do anything inappropriate to me. Then we went back to his house where he let me use his computer to process my visa application. At first, I was not satisfied with his behavior at the cinema, but he kept instilling in me the message that he likes me: “You look really beautiful,” “You are my goddess, aren’t you?” “Not everyone has the chance to come to my house,” “Be my girlfriend. Look into my eyes, I am serious,” “Who says you can’t sleep with someone on the first date and still be together? My ex-girlfriend and I slept together on the first date, and we were together for four years.” His words downplayed my dissatisfaction with his behavior at the cinema. It was late that day, and he kept kissing me on my ear, neck, and other sensitive areas while helping me with my visa application, making me feel that he was really experienced. Eventually, I agreed to have sexual relations with him under his constant teasing. Although I thought it was just a short-lived sexual relationship, he quickly started looking for the next person to deceive.

Later, I met him at MOS, and he wanted me to introduce my beautiful friends to his friends and make them to match. I was very disgusted with his behavior and told him directly that I would have to see if my friends are willing to go. It is worth reminding my girlfriends that the way to make friends is very important. Even if his friends are normal, if you meet them through this type of person’s introduction, it does not mean that they will have more respect for you.

He even asked me which guy introduced him to me (for sex), and said he would be grateful. At MOS, he insisted on introducing his brother to my friend, saying there was a party and inviting us to go. I said I’d ask my friend if they wanted to go. But then he canceled the party and asked me to go home with him instead. I refused on the spot and asked why I should go home with him. Then I went home with my friends.

It’s been a long time since we last talked, but now, just because we unexpectedly met at MOS, why did he think that I still wanted to sleep with him? What does he think of me? Even if he wants to find women, he should pay for it. Why does he have to get it for free? Does he want revenge sex?

WeChat Chat 3
WeChat Chat 4
WeChat Chat 5
WeChat Chat 6
WeChat Chat 7
WeChat Chat 8

What disgusts me the most is that when I exposed this person for trying to lure me into bed by pretending to be in a romantic relationship with me, he did not admit to it. Instead, he said, “I really wanted to be in a relationship with you. Didn’t you agree? I wanted to get to know you better, but how can I do that if you keep acting this way?” I thanked him for his flattery but told him that he tells that to every single girl he meets. How many has he done it too? Probably dozens? His “love” is like mass production, he moves onto the next person after a few encounters. He said he wanted to get to know me, but in reality, he never bothered to initiate contact again after we slept together.

I was not fooled by your poor scam, which is why I have exposed you. I am very opposed to the way you use a romantic pretext to deceive people. Your behavior is truly disgusting. You are a liar who deceives people in the name of love. I admit that I have been deceived by you in your scam, but that does not mean that I will not expose your fraudulent behavior. Why can’t you be straightforward and honest? If you just want to have sex with someone, why not just say so? If you make a mistake, why don’t you confess? I really despise your behavior. If you just want to have sex with someone, then go find a girl who is willing to have a one-night stand, and just explain the situation directly without having to deceive others. It is disgusting. In addition to me, I know many girls who have been deceived by you in the same way. What makes me even more angry is that you actually touched my friend inappropriately, and the harm she suffered was even more outrageous. Learning about this incident only strengthened my determination to expose you. Do you think you can do whatever you want during your short time in London? Do you think London is just your free ride paradise? Let me tell you, you are wrong.

Conversation between the Author and the Victim

Author: Can you describe what happened when he came to your place?

A: There was one time he wanted to come to my house to watch a movie, and I said okay. Then he brought two bottles of alcohol, and he asked me to drink. I said I don’t like drinking, and then he drank it all by himself. After he finished drinking, we watched a movie and when the movie was over, he asked me if he could be my boyfriend. He even said he was planning to study in London next semester, and then we could live together and he could cook for me. He was just making empty promises. I said we had only met a few times and didn’t know each other well, how could he be my boyfriend? Then he started to say that I should treat him as my boyfriend, and he could only be good to me and protect me if I did. But at that time, I had just broken up with my ex-boyfriend, and he said it didn’t matter. I could regard him as a transitional relationship or someone who came to save me, as long as he stayed with me. Then he asked if he could stay with me that night.

A: I said I wasn’t sure, and then he said he would sleep on the couch in the living room. I agreed because my room had a lock. I said I would sleep in my room, but he insisted on entering my room and sleeping with me. He said he wanted to hug me and stuff like that. I refused, but he tried to force himself on me.

A: Then I got angry and went to the kitchen with a knife. I said if he came closer, I would call the police. Then he started to use PUA tactics. He said, “Do you know why your ex-boyfriend doesn’t like you? It’s because of your temper. Who would like you if you’re not naughty enough?”

Author: He’s so ridiculous.

A: Then I got very angry and started crying. I called my younger brother and he scolded him, then chased him out. The funniest thing was that before he left, my brother told him to leave, but he said he would finish smoking a cigarette first. He even took one of my cigarettes and left. I was so angry.

Author: He’s disgusting to you, even more than he is to me.

Author: He’s like a rapist.

My friend’s experience was even more chilling. She even moved out and changed residence to avoid him.

Conversation between the author and the victim 2

A: And then I deleted him on WeChat. You know what? I deleted his WeChat and then he added me again a week later, and I ignored him. Then, a month later, he added me again with a friend verification: “Baby, I’m sorry”… I almost threw up. I never called him “baby.”

A: So later, I moved upstairs. There was a girl who rented out her room, right? And I canceled the lease on my place and moved upstairs because I thought it would be safer to have a roommate.

A: Damn, he scared the life out of me because he knew where I lived.

Author: Who are you talking about? Author: Xlc? Author: Are you afraid he might come back?

A: Yes.

The chat records of my friend and her brother at that time

WeChat Conversation 1
WeChat Conversation 2
WeChat Conversation 3

These are the chat records between him and my best friend’s brother before he met my friend. I mean, going to watch a movie and drinking seems like a fixed process that never changes, doesn’t it? Have you already seen the movie that’s currently showing many times over? Do you really feel guilty when you repeat this process every time? Are you sincere to every person you meet? Is your heart divided into dozens of pieces, each piece given to a different person?

WeChat Conversation

In addition, there are also testimonies from other victims. Due to his very monotonous pattern, the process is basically the same, and it won’t be discussed here. At any rate, his alleged sexual harassment has been proven. His artistic appearance cannot hide his nature of playing with women, which makes all women feel sad, including your own mother.

Conversation between the author and victim

B: It was probably when he took me to the station and then he said we should go somewhere else to have a drink. I was already almost drunk at the time. He took me to a hotel, but I had my period, and he still tried to force himself on me. I ran away while he was getting takeout, and he was angry and deleted me.

B: He also said he liked me right away and wanted to date me.

Author: Yes.

Author: Familiar tricks.

WeChat conversation

I want to say, if you want to hook up, there’s nothing wrong with that, but be direct. Being straightforward is better than being hypocritical. By confusing people like this, maybe I won’t do anything to you today, but someone else will definitely catch you tomorrow.

You should know that people are watching what you are doing. You have harassed several girls. Aren’t you afraid of being punished?

Everyone can forward this to their female friends and be careful of this person targeting girls who don’t have many connections. This way, we can help eliminate risk.

All the above content is true and has not been fabricated. Mr. Xing Lecong, from now on, many people will be watching you. If you harm my personal interests and life, I can find reliable legal assistance. I believe that the laws of the People’s Republic of China will be my solid support.

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Many girls have been hurt by him, but many people have chosen to remain silent. If this was the first time I encountered such a thing, I might have chosen to endure it as well. However, my first time was in 2020 when I was cheated by a scumbag, and I didn’t take any action at that time. I regret it very much. So this time, I won’t let myself be wronged and just let it go. If someone else doesn’t want to expose you, then I’ll stand up and take the hit.

In addition, I hope that girls in London will value themselves and not work hard to please these scumbags for inflated prices, paying out of pocket, or jealousy. This approach is not worth it at all. We should not encourage this kind of behavior. There are too many fools in London now. Two years ago, perhaps six out of ten people were foolish, but now nine out of ten people are foolish. When choosing friends, character is still the most important thing, after all, no one can completely avoid the influence of the surrounding environment.

If there are more victims who want to contact me, please feel free to do so, and we can help each other.


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