Soton - Sun* Hao, No Love in the UK

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This submission is overly complicated, and many annotations are in the PDF file, which I cannot reproduce.

Even if I were to reproduce it, it would require a tremendous amount of effort. Let’s do it if there is a chance.

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First of all, it should be noted that the female protagonist and male protagonist of this event broke up on April 13, 2023. During this six months, the female protagonist never caused any harm to the male protagonist, but the male protagonist’s behavior repeatedly troubled the female protagonist.

The male protagonist is named Sun*Hao, a student from Dalian, China. He ranked in the top one during his high school years at Dalian No.24 High School. He studied at a well-known 985 university in Tianjin for his undergraduate degree and is currently studying in the master’s preparatory class at the University of Southampton. His graduation time is in three semesters, and he was born in 1998.

The female protagonist was born in 2004 and is majoring in art at the University of Southampton.

This scumbag named Sun successfully interprets the phrase “no emotions in the UK.” Without the prompt from the dream, we might never know how many times this pure love warrior has fallen. The following are chat records and evidence of the male protagonist’s ugly face.

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Source file address: 南安普顿新瓜1.0版本.pdf