UoN - Xie Jun's Love Experience and the "Light and Dark" Plot

The tortuous love experience between Lulu and Xie Jun, Xie Jun's physical and psychological violence

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I’m sorry to interrupt. The following content is a continuation of the “Nottingham Xie Jun Incident”, which will expand on more details in chronological order.

I am Lulu, Xie Jun’s girlfriend. We got together on October 30, 2020, and both officially announced our relationship on our WeChat Moments.


First Incident

The story unfolded like this: the next day, Lulu’s friend told her that she had not seen any news about Xie Jun announcing their relationship on any WeChat Moments. Xie Jun claimed that he and Lulu were both Master’s students in the Management major, but her friend reminded her that the Management major did not start until September 2020, so she was worried that Lulu might have been deceived by someone with a fake identity. That night, Lulu and Xie Jun broke up.

However, two days later, Xie Jun came to the Orbital building and begged Lulu, explaining that the girl who invited him to a one-day CP was blocked on his WeChat Moments. He kept promising that he cherished and loved Lulu. Eventually, the two got back together.

Second Incident

The second incident: after 2-3 weeks of dating, Xie Jun saw a Weibo post from Lulu’s ex-boyfriend and became jealous, accusing Lulu without reason and engaging in PUA. He also maliciously attacked Lulu’s personality, even though Lulu and her ex-boyfriend had no connection and their break-up was very clean.

The Third Hammer

During Black Friday, Xie Jun kept telling Lulu to buy a whole set of Lamer, but Lulu didn’t take it seriously and bought a set of Lamer from a beauty salon she knew. However, at this time, the beauty salon suddenly went out of business. When Lulu mentioned whether Xie Jun would fulfill his previous promise, Xie Jun accused Lulu of being a materialistic woman and claimed that he had forgotten his previous promise.

The Fourth Hammer

In the three weeks after the breakup, Xie Jun kept complaining about Lulu to his friends, mostly about how much money Lulu spent. After the breakup, his friends told Lulu about Xie Jun’s venting, and they were already tired of Xie Jun’s behavior, and advised him to be more generous. However, Xie Jun did not change.

The Fifth Hammer

During their first trip, Xie Jun often boasted to his friends about how his girlfriend had high material quality and how she wanted to spend money. In fact, during the trip, the accommodation fee was paid by Lulu, and the meal fee was paid by Xie Jun. Other expenses were paid separately. After the trip, Lulu bought a pair of shoes worth more than 300 pounds as a gift for Xie Jun. However, after returning home, Xie Jun began to attack Lulu’s character. When Lulu mentioned that the two broke up because of differences in their views on life, Xie Jun began to cry for the first time and begged on his knees. Lulu was panicked, and eventually the two reconciled.

The Sixth Hammer

When shopping together, the differences between Xie Jun and Lulu made people uncomfortable. When Xie Jun paid for himself, he quickly picked a few things. However, when Lulu paid, he took many things without hesitation. For example, when Lulu bought Ran Tea at Walmart, she bought one bottle of each flavor. However, when Xie Jun suggested going to Walmart to buy drinks and asked if Lulu wanted any, Lulu replied that she would buy later, and Xie Jun only bought one bottle of Ran Tea.

Xie Jun also asked Lulu to buy game skins for him. After Lulu bought it once, Xie Jun often started asking for it. This made Lulu feel disgusted, and she thought that Xie Jun was too stingy about these small things.

Seventh Hammer

When Xie Jun orders takeout at home, he often claims to have no cash and asks Lu Lu to help him pay. However, Lu Lu only found out after they broke up that Xie Jun had claimed to have several hundred pounds of cash at home missing when he was socializing with his friends. Xie Jun never revealed this to Lu Lu and deliberately kept it ambiguous in front of his friends.

Eighth Hammer

During the 2020 Chinese New Year, Lu Lu handcrafted beef tongs and snacks, and bought some snacks to pack into more than ten portions to give to her friends. However, Xie Jun boasted in front of everyone that he was the one who made all these gifts, except for the handmade items by Lu Lu. At the same time, Lu Lu also prepared a razor worth more than 100 pounds as a New Year’s gift for Xie Jun.

Ninth Hammer

Xie Jun had urged Lu Lu to sublet the Orbital apartment to him, but Lu Lu was initially unwilling to do so. It was not until March 2021 that she began to sublet the apartment. Xie Jun had told his friends how much money he should be able to get if Lu Lu sublets the apartment. In fact, many of their subsequent quarrels were not sudden, as Xie Jun had been planning to deduct Lu Lu’s deposit in secret.

Tenth Hammer

Lu Lu was responsible for most of the living expenses in the middle and later stages, and used buying gifts as a way to express her gratitude for living in Xie Jun’s apartment. However, Lu Lu finally couldn’t stand Xie Jun’s two-faced behavior, refusing her proposal to pay rent while badmouthing her girlfriend in front of his friends, even using insulting words.

Eleventh Hammer

In mid-April 2021, when the two went out to a friend’s house for dinner together, Xie Jun suddenly showed cold violence towards Lu Lu, causing her to be hurt and angry. Lu Lu left the party alone, and Xie Jun later scolded her fiercely in front of their friends, using safety as an excuse.

Twelfth Hammer

In March, Lulu suffered from insomnia for over a month and was in a weakened state. She often cried in the apartment. Her roommates comforted her more than once, but when Lulu cried in the middle of the night, Xie Jun did not comfort her, but instead pressed his hand over her mouth, telling her not to make noise and disturb the roommates. Lulu was very disappointed and cried in the bathroom for more than half an hour. What made Lulu even more devastated was that when she found out that her father was in the ICU and confided in Xie Jun, she did not get any comfort from him. Instead, Xie Jun caused a scene because Lulu did not accompany him to the hospital when he got drunk at a dinner party.

At a friend’s birthday party, Lulu’s joke made Xie Jun demand that she move out of his apartment at midnight. Lulu was very angry and left with her luggage in the middle of the night. The next day, she called more than ten friends to help her move. During this period, Xie Jun kept apologizing and begging for reconciliation, and brought Lulu four pills of cow bezoar and a tube of watermelon frost to comfort her. In front of their friends, Xie Jun said that he and Lulu broke up because Lulu’s family was in financial difficulty and he was afraid that he could not help her pay the first semester’s tuition, so he had to break up with her.

Later on, Xie Jun bought a discounted ring and a bracelet of his own size (which he claimed was a half-year anniversary gift) in front of his friends and gave them to Lulu, along with a Dyson hair dryer and a Lancome black bottle, pretending to cherish his girlfriend. In fact, when Lulu moved out, she took a lot of her belongings, leaving Xie Jun without basic necessities such as a rice cooker, hair dryer, and skincare products, making it difficult for him to live a normal life, so he had to buy these things.

Then, in the middle of the night, he cried and begged Lulu for several hours, but Lulu eventually refused him.

The next day, they went to an amusement park. In fact, after breaking up, Xie Jun first stirred up their friend circle and then flirted with more than one girl, inviting two classmates to the amusement park. However, he did not expect that Lulu agreed to get back together, so the amusement park plan with his classmates was put on hold. In fact, he had been flirting with one of his classmates, and even had lunch with her after getting back together with Lulu. And when Lulu specially went to the classroom to wait for him after school, he did not show up on time.

Thirteenth Hammer

Lulu took care of Jun, who had injured his fingers, by making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks for him for a month, and even bought him a pair of shoes worth more than 600 pounds as a gift. However, Jun still belittled Lulu in front of his friends.

Fourteenth Hammer

After getting back together, Lulu found that Jun had not made any substantial changes and was very disappointed, so she asked for a breakup again. Unexpectedly, Jun was extremely angry and locked Lulu in a corner, scolding her loudly. When Lulu tried to leave, Jun pulled her back into the room. Finally, when Lulu picked up a fruit knife and warned Jun not to come near her, she managed to escape to the lobby on the first floor. But Jun chased her all the way and even tried to snatch Lulu’s phone when she was trying to contact her friends. Only when Lulu sought help from the front desk was the situation stopped. Later, Lulu’s friends came to comfort her, while Jun pretended to be kind.

Fifteenth Hammer

The same terrifying incident happened again. When Lulu tried to avoid the topic of breaking up and leave directly, Jun said, “As long as you leave this room, I will commit suicide and write your name with my blood.” This kind of mental control caused Lulu’s emotions to collapse. She sought help from the school and was diagnosed with mild depression. Lulu had been suffering from insomnia for nearly three months, and after ten days of psychological counseling and medication, she was observed for another three weeks.

Seventeenth Hammer

Jun and three friends went to IKEA to have fun, but used cold violence to force his girlfriend to return to Nottingham alone. In the evening, he also took the opportunity to provoke Lulu and forced her to leave the house. When Lulu picked up her luggage to leave, Jun chased after her and pushed her into a dark area, pinching her arm and causing bruises. He also yelled and intimidated Lulu. Finally, to justify himself, Jun used Lulu’s mental state as an excuse to evade responsibility.

The 18th Hammer

During the farewell trip with Lulu, he kept saying that he didn’t want to part ways. However, he was marketing his social media app while traveling, preparing to attract new girls. What’s even more infuriating is that he said he would treat her to lobster, but in reality, he made Lulu pay for it. In the end, Lulu suggested splitting the bill, but he was unwilling to settle the bill. He reluctantly paid the money to Lulu.

Furthermore, he was even unwilling to go to the airport to bid farewell to his girlfriend of nearly a year. The next day, he was thinking of inviting girls out for drinks with a group of friends, completely disregarding his girlfriend’s feelings. This behavior is unacceptable.


I now feel numb, and telling my sad experience is like tearing open the scab of my wound, exposing the bloody wound to everyone again. I was with Xie Jun for a year, and the days were unbearable. The subsequent harm was not only one or long-lasting, such as refusing to eat three meals during quarantine and being mentally disturbed. Even when editing the text, I tremble all over, unable to bear the memories of the past.

I can’t imagine that after I broke up with him, I actually saw more of Xie Jun’s evil deeds. I was deceived by him all along. My guard and vigilance towards my lover have disappeared, and he turned out to be such a terrible monster. His good friends gradually left him, and their friendship disappeared without a trace. After all, the harm Xie Jun brought me was really too great. I know clearly that he has never been satisfied with me, but when I broke up with him more than once, he always trapped me and kept hurting me. Love is not necessary, but why hurt me?

I write this to hope that everyone can stay away from Xie Jun through my painful experience. Sisters should not approach him, and boys should also be cautious. So far, Xie Jun has not formally apologized to me. I write this in the hope that he can take the harm he has caused seriously and apologize to me.


GPT, evaluate Xie Jun.