UCSD - Luo Junzhe's multiple illegal behaviors exposed

Luo Junzhe, involved in multiple illegal and unethical behaviors such as theft, animal abuse, hiring prostitutes, cheating in games, etc., has been exposed.

This article was last updated on 2023-05-12, the content may be out of date.

Source file address: UCSD人渣软饭男,骗女生10余人,纯图版

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Here’s the story: I want to expose a scumbag on behalf of the masses. I haven’t encountered such a maddening person in a long time and I just can’t take it anymore.

This scumbag is named David Luo Junzhe, a senior computer science student at UCSD.


Let me tell you my story first. He messaged me on Instagram asking for my WeChat account, and then he started asking me out and flirting with me. We went out for three meals: he paid for the first one, I paid for the second, and for the third one he asked me to go Dutch (at Hai Di Lao). Because I’m a dancer, I often have rehearsals.

On November 14th, he kept asking me about my plans for the evening, and I told him I had rehearsals. He said he wanted to bring us boba, and he was there during the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, he found my good friend (code name cc) on Instagram and asked for her WeChat account, and started chatting with her. His words were exactly the same as when he first asked me out.

On the evening of November 14th, we ran into each other at a party. He helped me and cc open the car door, and even wanted to give umbrellas to us and two other colleagues. At the party, he kept trying to play with cc, and then gave her half of the napkin plate and gave me the other half. My story ended there, but then more victims came forward and told me:

Author’s criticism of this event

Can some guys stop flirting with me while trying to hit on my best friend at the same time? Dude, you can do whoever you want, but don’t talk to me every day and then bring me a milk tea when you heard I had a rehearsal, and then go and choose my best friend. Who do you think you are? I’ve never seen anyone get off a car and open the door for both me and my best friend at the same time. Is it the Chinese culture you’ve learned? Everyone gets a share? You even split the tissue in half for me and my best friend. I don’t care who you want to mess with, but if you want to flirt with me and my best friend at the same time, I suggest you stop thinking like that. I don’t want to spoil the atmosphere when many people were drinking yesterday, but I haven’t met a guy who wants to mess with sisters for almost a year. I almost forgot how it feels to be angry. @david luo1115

Summary of the incident:

  1. Flirt with me first.
  2. Bring us drinks when you heard we were rehearsing.
  3. Watch us rehearse.
  4. Follow my best friend’s Instagram and start chatting with her.
  5. Meet us at night and open the car door for both me and my best friend. You don’t have to do that. The tissue is so small, why did you even split it in half?

Don’t even think about choosing a queen. I really have a bad temper.

Victim 1

According to the victim, this girl met a boy in the library and added him on WeChat. The date of adding WeChat is the same as the date when she added me, and even the opening line of the chat was the same video twice. It is important to note that the date was November 17, 2022.

Victim 2

According to the victim, this girl also got his WeChat through Instagram direct messages. More information is needed from the victim to confirm the specific time and details.

Conversation between Victim 2 and the author 1

Victim 2: Wow, this guy also contacted me before.

Author: Fuck.

Author: He’s really a stupid bastard.

Victim 2: But it should be before you.

Conversation 2 between the second girl and the author

Second girl: I don’t think anything happened between me and him, but he acted like he was very affectionate.

Author: Yes!!!

Second girl: It seemed like we were about to start a relationship right away.

Author: Exactly.

Second girl: It scared me.

Author: Exactly!!!

Author: damn it.

Second girl: And then, I had never met him before, but he left a comment on my IG story that was very misleading.

Second girl: I feel like he doesn’t have a sense of boundaries.

Conversation between the second girl and Luo Junzhe

Luo Junzhe: hello!

Luo Junzhe: David Luo Junzhe

Luo Junzhe: Just finished playing ball

Luo Junzhe: Are you busy with classes this semester?

Second girl: Applying for graduate school, haha

Luo Junzhe: Same

Luo Junzhe: [Yes]

Luo Junzhe: Good luck

Luo Junzhe: Let’s play ball when you’re free

Second girl: Sure, let’s do it, haha

Second girl: [OK]

The Third Girl

According to the victim’s disclosure, this girl had a boyfriend, but she still talked to him when he went to her house and even helped her move things. He even asked the girl to bring him medicine from China and said he wanted to watch the girl play mahjong at home. What’s more, this person is also friends with the girl’s boyfriend.

The Fourth Girl

According to the victim, this girl is a good friend of the second and third girls. Their chat content has no substantive communication, and sometimes this girl even shows off to boys, saying how beautiful and good-looking her ex-girlfriends were.

Moreover, she also tells boys that she is good at pursuing girls, and even teaches another boy how to pursue girls. She even often brags that she is very familiar with the girls in the school’s KPOP club, but in fact, she has only met them once or even never met them. I don’t know why she would say such things that she is very familiar with the girls in the student club. Maybe she thinks that knowing many girls and having had beautiful girlfriends is something she can brag about.

But I’m telling you here, don’t underestimate the power of Girls Power. The feelings between girls are something you can’t understand.


In summary, this person has the following tendencies:

  1. Likes to add girls on WeChat and is very interested in chatting with a group of good female friends.
  2. Does not mind whether the girl has a boyfriend, and still talks to them directly.
  3. Boasts that he knows many beautiful girls, even ex-girlfriends.

Girl #5

According to the victim, this girl also had a boyfriend. After posting a selfie, she suddenly started chatting with someone and then went out to play with her girlfriends. At the gathering, she hugged another girl and went home with her.

Conversation between Girl #5 and the author

Girl #5: This guy is notorious. Even though I have a boyfriend, he would suddenly contact me after I post a selfie and ask me to hang out. He even added my Irvine girlfriend on WeChat and went to hang out with her. Then he hugged another girl at her party and went home with her. He’s the worst of the worst.

Author: Oh my god.

Girl #5: I have another female friend who has a boyfriend, and he also wanted to seduce her.

Girl #5: We call him Chengdu little white face.

Author: That’s really outrageous.

Conversation between Girl 5 and Luo Junzhe

Luo Junzhe: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Luo Junzhe: Sorry for being late. Luo Junzhe: dbq.

Girl 5: Hahaha, you too.

Luo Junzhe: Are you back in SF or still in SD?

Girl 5: I’m in SD.

Luo Junzhe: Let’s grab a meal when you’re free!

Girl 5: Sure, haha.

Luo Junzhe: Are you free these days, haha?

The Sixth Victim

According to the victim, this girl was also forced to go out to dinner with the perpetrator.

Conversation between the sixth victim and the author

The Sixth Victim: Hahahaha, he also added me on Instagram!

The Sixth Victim: Then he asked me out to dinner on WeChat, and he was very pushy, so I declined.

Author: What the f*ck!

The Sixth Victim: Then he unilaterally unfollowed me on Instagram, so I just deleted him on WeChat.

The Sixth Victim: I think he’s really sick.

Girl No. 7

This girl is also my good friend. These are all the messages I received, and he really likes to ask girls out for meals or sports. Here are chat records from five different girls, and every time he would ask them out for sports or meals. It can be seen that his behavior is very unfaithful.

Conversation between Girl No. 7 and the author

Girl No. 7: He asked me out for dinner last week, it’s so funny.

Author: Damn it.

Author: Just as I thought.

Girl No. 7: Yes.

Author: [Voice message]

Girl No. 7: It’s just him.

Girl No. 7: It’s so funny.

Girl No. 7: He’s just an idiot.

Girl No. 7: I told him I’m not in SD.

Girl No. 7: He said,

Girl No. 7: “Tell me when you come back.”

Conversation between the 7th girl and Luo Junzhe

Luo Junzhe: Do you want to play basketball or have a meal this weekend?

Luo Junzhe: Want to play basketball when you’re free?

Luo Junzhe: Want to have a meal when you’re free!

Luo Junzhe: Or we can have a meal when you’re free.

Luo Junzhe: Let’s have a meal after the exam hahaha.

Luo Junzhe: Want to have a meal when you’re free!

Girl No. 8

Conversation between Girl No. 8 and the author 1
Girl No. 8: Babe, you’re really tough!! This person also talked to me before. We met once because I was moving and he asked me out for a meal. Then he asked me out again, but I said I couldn’t go out because I had cramps due to my period. Since I live in LA and not SD, he said he wanted to come and take care of me (even though we had only known each other for a few days) and kept insisting on coming to my house. I firmly refused, and he later drove for one or two hours to my apartment building and called me dozens of times (even though I never gave him my phone number and I don’t know how he got it). I didn’t meet him and never replied to him again. At that time, I just thought he was creepy and didn’t expect him to be so shameless. By the way, I’m also from Beijing, hahaha.
Summary of Conversation Between the Eighth Female Student and the Author
This paragraph describes a female student’s chat experience with someone. This person had previously met the female student and helped her move, and then frequently asked her out. The female student explained that she couldn’t go out due to physical reasons, but this person insisted on going to her house to take care of her. The female student clearly refused and told him that she lived in LA, not SD. Then this person called her many times, even though the female student did not give him her phone number. The female student found this person scary and did not reply to his messages anymore. Finally, the female student author mentioned that she is also from Beijing.
Conversation between the 8th girl and the author 2

Girl 8: He and his friend came to move my furniture together because his friend bought my furniture.

Girl 8: But I haven’t talked to him since I added him on WeChat, which was about a week ago.

Girl 8: Because I feel that this person is really weird.

Girl 8: And we only had that one meal together, and the conversation was very much like a blind date, he kept emphasizing how serious he was in his relationships.

Author: Damn it.

Author: Yes, that’s right.

Girl 8: And he kept calling me frantically downstairs from my apartment, which really scared me.

Girl Number 9

Conversation between Girl Number 9 and the Author 2

Girl Number 9: Oh my god, my friend had the same experience with him when she was dating him. He did the same thing to me and another good friend of mine. It’s ridiculous that he’s been using the same tricks for over three years. Hahaha.

Author: Damn.

Author: So he’s been doing this for three years?

Girl Number 9: Yes, and even now he still occasionally sends us messages about random things. At first, we just thought he was a kind-hearted person, but we never expected him to be like this!

Girl No. 10

She has a boyfriend, so here are some representative chat records.

Conversation 1 between Girl No. 10 and the author

Girl No. 10: The first time he saw me and my friend on the badminton court, he seemed very polite.

Girl No. 10: At that time, we thought we could develop a friendship and play badminton together in the future.

Girl No. 10: He told us that he used to be on the provincial badminton team when he was young.

Girl No. 10: Anyway, he had trained before.

Girl No. 10: Later, we invited him to play badminton with us.

Girl No. 10: But he played very poorly and didn’t take it seriously.

Girl No. 10: Plus, we knew some rumors about that girl, and we suspected that they might have a romantic relationship, but there was no evidence, just speculation.

Girl No. 10: He also said that he would maintain a distance and have a sense of propriety when interacting with girls.

Girl No. 10: He said they were pure academic good friends.

Girl No. 10: We wondered why he would go to her place every day if it was just for studying.

Girl No. 10: Because we often saw his car parked in her residential area.

Conversation between the 10th girl and the author 2

Girl 10: Yeah, after my girlfriend came, he kept praising my girlfriend’s cuteness every day.

Girl 10: Then one night we felt something was wrong. After analyzing it, we thought he might have wanted to hit on me. The next day, after I told my girlfriend, she deleted him directly.

Conversation between the 10th girl and the author 3

Girl 10: He said, “Let’s work hard together.”

Girl 10: I felt a bit strange at the time because he knew I had a boyfriend.

Girl 10: We added each other on WeChat on November 12th.

Girl 10: My girlfriend came to visit me from Sydney in early December.

Girl 10: Then the familiar routine began again.

Girl 10: Since I brought my girlfriend with me for badminton, he added her on WeChat.

Girl 10: The first time he came to our house for a barbecue, we even treated him.

Girl 10: Thinking back now, it was a mistake.

Girl 10: He came to our house and said he was very hungry, then opened the fridge and ate things from it.

Girl 10: He also acted as if he had a lot of money.

Girl 10: After my girlfriend and I finished eating skewers, he drove us back and talked about how he changed something in his car’s steering wheel and spent $1000.

Eleventh Girl

Your ex-girlfriend, the eleventh girl, described you in this way. Doesn’t this make you reflect on yourself?

Conversation between the eleventh girl and the author

Eleventh girl: I just want to tell you, sister, this person is quite extreme, you have to be careful with him. When he was with me before, he would dig and pinch me.

Eleventh girl: He has a tendency towards violence.

Author: This is so outrageous woc.

Eleventh girl: I won’t go into details, because I wasn’t planning on exposing him for anything, I just wanted to tell you to be careful with him.

Eleventh girl: He abuses cats and stuff, my two friends should mention it to you.

Eleventh girl: You only know a small part of him, he’s very dark.

Eleventh girl: My friends have some big news about him, they will tell you slowly.

Girl No. 12

For Girl No. 12, I have only selected a few representative examples.

However, what happened next completely overturned my worldview. Due to the large number of chat records, I cannot disclose them all here. But if you want to see the chat records, you can private message me, as these were described to me by two of his former good friends. I am only responsible for relaying the information.

Conversation between Girl No. 12 and the author

Girl No. 12: Holy shit, girl, you’re so tough.

Girl No. 12: This guy is too abstract. He knew I had a boyfriend and still tried to hit on me. It’s a complete routine to invite me to dinner and play ball.

Girl No. 12: I went too, and then he kept sending me messages asking me to find him. You also know there’s no signal inside, so I didn’t find him in the end.

Girl No. 12: It’s really funny. He sends the same message to everyone.

Brother A

Brother A’s story:

According to the victim, Luo Junzhe (the male lead) once opened a private account because he stole A’s clothes. At that time, A’s clothes were left in a dry cleaner in Irvine, and A’s friend B retrieved the clothes for him, while Luo Junzhe went to stay at B’s house. He claimed that he just broke up and wanted someone to accompany him, but in fact, he had contact with too many people he knew in Irvine.

Later, Luo Junzhe went to 88rising just to see his ex-girlfriend and show her his “new side”. Luo Junzhe was wearing A’s clothes from head to toe, and even wanted to wear his shoes, but couldn’t fit in. To avoid A from finding out, he blocked A directly while taking photos at 88rising, then unfollowed A and set the account to private. In addition, he also switched A’s clothes with another item.

Conversation between the 12th female student and the author

Brother A:

Luo Junzhe at 88rising

Brother A: This was taken at 88rising.

Brother A: Ah, I forgot to set it to private.

Brother A: This is my closet.

Brother A:

Brother A’s closet

Brother A: These two pieces of clothing were both left in a dry cleaner in Irvine.

Additional Accusations

And that’s just the appetizer. Luo Junzhe used to have a lot of connections in Irvine, and the girls there all knew each other.

When Luo Junzhe lived in Irvine, he lived in someone else’s apartment but boasted that he rented it himself, and said that he was studying in San Diego, but he just liked Irvine, so he bought a house here and mingled in the homeowner group to get close to other girls as a roommate.

Regarding prostitution, when Luo Junzhe had just broken up with his girlfriend and his new relationship was not going well, he asked a friend to drive him to SG for prostitution (a round trip of two hours), and the key point is that he went four times a week!!! But Luo Junzhe’s meals cost less than 20 yuan, so where did he get the money for four prostitutes? It turned out that Luo Junzhe made his friend pay for his prostitution expenses, and even ordered expensive ones.

In addition, when Luo Junzhe was with his ex-girlfriend, he cheated on her with a guy from LA who lived downstairs from his ex-girlfriend on the third floor while she lived on the fifth floor. Luo Junzhe said he was taking out the trash and happened to run into a friend on the third floor, and even walked his dog with him. When his ex-girlfriend came down to look for him, she caught them. Luo Junzhe desperately lied, saying he was taking out the trash and just happened to run into a friend and even introduced two girls and added them on WeChat. And these were all things that Luo Junzhe personally told his friend A.

Later, Luo Junzhe rented a single room for 550 yuan per month, but there was no air conditioning. Luo Junzhe said that the summer was too torturous, so he moved directly to Brother A’s house. Brother A bought a property as an investment and also lived there, so there was an empty room. At Brother A’s house, Luo Junzhe didn’t pay a penny for water, electricity, rent, and sometimes even Brother A had to treat him to a meal. Otherwise, he would say, “This is not worth it, that is not worth it.” Since Brother A wanted to eat, he had to treat Luo Junzhe, which was like Brother A supporting him.

During winter vacation, Brother A was preparing to go out of state for a trip, and Luo Junzhe was left alone at Brother A’s house. Brother A repeatedly urged him that if he wanted to bring someone back home, he must tell Brother A. Luo Junzhe promised, but when Brother A returned home, he found yellow hair on his bed, as well as a girl’s hair tie and hairpin. After confronting him, Luo Junzhe admitted that he had brought his girlfriend back, but she had black hair, not yellow.

Furthermore, Luo Junzhe often showed off Brother A’s car. When he first got the car, he even asked Brother A for a photo of it. Then they went out together and posted five photos on social media, two of which were of Brother A’s car. (There are many more details, but I’m too tired to type them out.)

Brother B

Conversation 1 between Brother B and the author

Brother B: … he wore out the clothes that his ex-girlfriend bought for him.

Brother B: He had just broken up and came to Irvine to visit me. He stayed at my place for over a month and every time he wanted to date someone, he stayed at my place. I told him I was moving in October, but he didn’t offer to help me move until after I had already moved. Later I found out that he had made plans with someone else and had nowhere to stay.

Brother B: 😅 I live in a studio by myself, but he would come over every few days. Later, I bought a box of 24 bottles of water and he finished it in a day and a half. My car was stolen and I asked him to help me move two boxes of water, but he said I was stingy. 😄

Conversation 2 between Brother B and the author

Brother B: There are a lot of outrageous things about him.

Brother B: Basically, my friends and I know about some of his outrageous things.

Brother B: We didn’t say anything before because we were friends.

Brother B: Seeing the exposure that he tried to seduce someone who had a boyfriend is not outrageous.

Brother B: He even tried to seduce someone else’s wife.

Author: ???

Brother B: 😇

Conversation between Brother B and the author 3

Brother B: 😄 I said I didn’t have a car and it was inconvenient. He said, “Oh, I thought you were so stingy. It turns out that’s why.” Damn, I didn’t even ask you to pay, just help me out a little. Besides, you drank most of it, so it’s not a big deal, right? 😅

Brother B: Then when I was living in PP, he came to my place and not long after, he joined the homeowner’s group and started preparing for the hunt.

Brother B: I have light sleep, and I caught him going through my phone while I was sleeping. 🙂

Brother B: Anyway, there’s a lot more. I’ll remember and tell you later.

Conversation between Brother B and the author 4

Brother B: My friend and I concluded that this person is just pure garbage. We used to think he just couldn’t figure out the relationship between men and women, but now we know he’s rotten to the core.

Brother B: He likes to show off without any capital, and he likes to take advantage of others. He likes to take advantage of small benefits.

Brother B: I advised the girls he was trying to hit on to stay away from him, but he said I was a dark person or something. In fact, if I were to reveal everything I know about him, he would be socially dead. 😅 I’m just giving him a break because he used to be my buddy for five years.

Brother B: I sent you all these things just for fun. This guy is just pure garbage and a bad person.

Okay, let’s continue with this story from my good friend:

He used to hang out with my good friend’s ex-girlfriend and one time while drinking, he said he wanted to sleep with her for a night, promising not to do anything.

Here’s another story from my male friend:

He and my male friend were both pursuing the same girl, and he would brag every day about how they had broken up peacefully. But that wasn’t the case, after the breakup, he kept messaging the girl who didn’t want to talk to him, and even apologized to my friend, saying she regretted being with that idiot.

I can confirm that he always bragged about breaking up peacefully because when we hung out together, he would often use it as a topic of conversation and spread rumors, pretending that someone had taken his object of affection away from him. His pretentious behavior is really incomprehensible.

There’s more to reveal:

Credit card fraud against roommate

While living in LA, Luo Junzhe secretly stole his roommate’s credit card to purchase gaming equipment. He refused to admit it until his roommate, A, confronted him about it and only returned the money after being asked.

Cat abuse

Luo Junzhe has abused cats belonging to his ex-girlfriend’s family and his roommates. He would throw the cats from the second floor when his roommates were not home or lock them in the toilet and punch them until they “lost control.” These actions are extremely cruel.

Soliciting prostitution

This has been going on for a long time. When he was with his girlfriend, he would spend a lot of time playing mobile games and sometimes even ask his girlfriend to transfer money to others for prostitution. This behavior is very infuriating.

Mooching off others

When Luo Junzhe is with a girl, she usually has to spend more money, and his ex-girlfriend often pays for meals.

Stealing cash from roommates

Also while living in LA, Luo Junzhe went into his roommate B’s room and stole a few hundred dollars that B had just earned. However, his behavior was exposed by another roommate, C. Later, C told B and they found the same amount of cash in Luo Junzhe’s room. Although Luo Junzhe later returned the money, he still denied that he had stolen it.

Overcharging for meals when splitting the bill

Previously, when they went out to eat, everyone would pay separately and then transfer the money to the person who paid. However, when Luo Junzhe paid with his credit card, he would lie about the price, for example, claiming that the cost was $25 per person but asking everyone to transfer $35 to him, thus overcharging everyone.

Lying about internet fees

When we rented a house together, Luo Junzhe was responsible for paying the internet fees, but he always lied about the price. For example, he would say that each person needs to pay a few tens of dollars, but in reality, it added up to more than $200. He also wanted to bully everyone to give him more deposit.

Borrowing small amounts of money and not returning it

Luo Junzhe often borrows small amounts of money ranging from 50 to 200 RMB from friends, but never pays them back. Although it is not much money, he does it frequently, which is annoying.

Setting up friends’ online banking to transfer money to his account regularly

Luo Junzhe secretly set up his friend’s online banking account to transfer 16 dollars to his account every month. This behavior is not only illegal but also a malicious deception of his friend.

Cheating on car insurance

Previously, Luo Junzhe encouraged his ex-girlfriend to buy a BMW X5 together, with each person paying half, and they also took out a loan. During this period, when his ex-girlfriend went back to her country, he crashed the car, and although it was only the headlight that was damaged, the repair cost was very high, which led to the car being sold for only $4,000.

Secretly using cheats while gaming

When playing the game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” with a few friends, Luo Junzhe would secretly use cheats, making everyone think he was really good at the game. Later, it was discovered that he had been using wallhacks.


GPT, evaluate Luo Junzhe.