NYU - Andrew Zhao exposed for six bad behaviors

Maliciously spreading rumors, secretly filming and disseminating photos of female students, spreading malicious rumors and committing violence against his girlfriend, morally corrupt and poor character

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Source file address: 纽约大学渣男赵昱丞六宗罪

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Personal Information

Zhao Yucheng, English name Andrew Zhao, male, height 178cm. Born on March 30, 2004, in Gulou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. He studied at Nanjing Shuren Middle School in junior high school and entered Nanjing Jinling Middle School Hexi Branch Sino-American Class One after the high school entrance examination. In late 2021, he was admitted to the Liberal Studies program at New York University with a TOEFL score of 103 and no SAT score. He entered his freshman year in the fall of 2022. The following are the social media accounts commonly used by the person involved. Due to a certain bad event that will be mentioned, he has changed his WeChat name before and used the WeChat name command ps.

WeChat Information

ID: contra_wind

Weixin ID: zhaoyucheng040330

Region: Nanjing, Jiangsu

Instagram Profile

Home Page: command_ps

Names: commandps

Posts: 7

Followers: 54

Follwing: 81


Secretly filming girls in black stockings

On the evening of September 15, 2022, Zhao Yucheng (Andrew), who had a girlfriend and did not believe in Christianity, attended a dinner at the New York University Christian Church and secretly filmed a stranger’s black stockings. He later uploaded the video and photos to a group with over 100 members called “Pan-Pacific International Military Tribunal”. The group members gathered together to fantasize about the girl in the black stockings, using insulting and objectifying language such as “200 dollars to rip it off”, “suck it”, “love to wear black stockings, little sister~~” and so on. After the dinner, Zhao Yucheng continued to follow the girl to the subway station, constantly updating her video in the group. Finally, he obtained the girl’s WeChat and shared it with the members of the group. The members of the group were all male students from the 26/25/24th grades of New York University. The group name has been changed several times because of the obscene comments against women in the group, and the group has been shut down several times.

On that day, Zhao Yucheng was wearing his girlfriend’s Parsons school uniform and wearing her hair tie. He took out his phone and secretly filmed the black stockings of a girl in front of him while everyone at the New York University Christian Church was reading the Bible, disregarding the feelings of his girlfriend and the privacy of the stranger. After being exposed, he changed his name to 26 CAS Yang Jiechi, and in some groups, his account name was changed from “command_ps” to “contra_wind” to avoid attention.

Screenshots of the Filming
Screenshot of the filming 1
Screenshot of the filming 2
Screenshot of the filming 3
Screenshot of the filming 4
Chat screenshots
Chat screenshot 1
Chat screenshot 2
Chat screenshot 3
Chat screenshot 4
Chat screenshot 5
Chat screenshot 6

According to the report, Andrew Zhao Yucheng spread malicious rumors with several friends without his girlfriend’s knowledge, including false rumors about their relationship and details of their interactions, as well as comments accusing his girlfriend, such as “Zhao Yucheng treats this girl like a dog,” “The girl not only controls him, but also spreads rumors about Zhao Yucheng,” “The girl physically assaulted and injured Zhao Yucheng with a kitchen knife,” “Zhao Yucheng’s life was severely affected,” “After breaking up, the girl’s family members harassed and morally blackmailed him,” and so on. All of these comments are false and completely contrary to the facts.

The girlfriend was shocked and angered by all the groundless and malicious rumors. It was revealed that on March 7, 2023, Zhao Yucheng forcefully closed the door, trapping his girlfriend’s fingers and causing serious bleeding, bruising, and suspected bone fractures. He had to take time off to go to the hospital for X-rays (with photos of his injured hand and medical records attached). On April 11, 2023, Zhao Yucheng beat his girlfriend for about ten minutes in their room and took away her phone, preventing her from communicating with friends. He even covered her mouth and nose with his hand, attempting to suffocate her, while she begged for mercy (with photos of her injuries and chat records with friends asking for help attached). On April 16, 2023, during an argument, Zhao Yucheng slammed his girlfriend’s head against the wall, causing her to suffer a minor concussion, and prevented her from seeking help from her roommates and neighbors.

All of the descriptions provided by Zhao Yucheng and his friends are extremely absurd and completely contrary to the facts. The girlfriend’s family has always respected the relationship between Zhao Yucheng and the girlfriend and has never interfered excessively. The girlfriend’s family does not have Zhao Yucheng’s contact information, and there is no moral blackmail or harassment from the girlfriend’s family.

Wound Photos
Wound Photo 1
Wound Photo 2
Wound Photo 3
Wound Photo 4
Hospital Certificate
Hospital Certificate
Chat Records

Andrew’s girlfriend: Are you at home?

Andrew’s girlfriend: Can I come to your place?

Andrew’s girlfriend: My ex-boyfriend hit me.

Andrew’s girlfriend: He even wants to suffocate me.

Other: ?

Other: I’m not at home.

Other: I’m at school.

Other: What’s going on? Is he serious?

Other: Don’t go out first. Wait for me to come back later.

Andrew’s girlfriend: I can’t go out. He won’t even let me touch my phone.

Andrew’s girlfriend: I’m using the computer.

Deception, Recidivism, and Verbal Abuse

The romantic relationship between Zhao Yucheng and his girlfriend began on July 26, 2022, during which he repeatedly deceived her and showed no signs of improvement. Two weeks after they started dating, Zhao’s friend invited him to go clubbing, but he deceived his girlfriend and took her to play mahjong instead. Four weeks into the relationship, Zhao played Texas Hold’em with his friends but deceived his girlfriend, claiming they were just having dinner as friends.

On November 13, 2022, Zhao Yucheng chatted with a female student from New York University Shanghai and had a suspected ambiguous relationship. Zhao Yucheng made multiple late-night calls to the female student, complaining that his girlfriend was abusing him (which was not true). His girlfriend repeatedly asked him to delete the ambiguous female student, but Zhao Yucheng added her back and continued to deceive his girlfriend.

When his girlfriend found out and confronted him, Zhao Yucheng became emotional and verbally abused her and her friends, saying things like “Who do you think you are? You’re a mentally ill person who doesn’t deserve to live. Being with you is like going to hell” and “You’ll die sooner or later.” The above statements are all from real-life conversations and are not accompanied by photos or chat records. I take full responsibility for all the content mentioned above.

Bad habits and behavior affecting social norms

Zhao Yucheng has a very low moral bottom line. On September 10, 2022, despite knowing that he had tested positive for antigens, he still ignored the risk of indirect transmission and the health of others, and went out to have dinner and play with many friends, spending a long time in a closed space with many people.

In the incident, Zhao Yucheng did not believe in Christianity, and his participation in the church dinner organized by the school was purely for free food. Before attending the party, he told his girlfriend, “I’m going to have a free dinner.” However, he secretly filmed a girl in black stockings while many people were reading the Bible in the Christian church. This shows that Zhao Yucheng does not respect others’ religious beliefs and personal privacy. He used other people’s photos to satisfy his and his friends’ perverse tendencies and desires, and also hurt his girlfriend, who was kept in the dark throughout the whole process.

Contrary to the image of a wealthy and handsome second-generation overseas student portrayed by Zhao Yucheng’s friends, he is actually vain and pursues luxury brand purchases, but all his clothes are replicas. Similarly, from Zhao Yucheng’s behavior of freeloading, it can be seen that he is not the wealthy son described by his friends.

Chat record screenshot
Chat record screenshot 1
Chat record screenshot 2

In the early morning of May 6, 2023, Zhao Yucheng posted false details of his love affair with a girl on his WeChat Moment, while blocking the girl. Due to the image he had created for himself, his friends sympathized with him and even felt indignation, trying to plan verbal abuse. The above is partial chat record evidence.


In conclusion, Zhao Yucheng’s behavior is morally corrupt and of extremely poor character. He does not respect women and views them as objects. He does not cherish his emotional connections with women, and has committed violent acts against them. He has also maliciously slandered and fabricated rumors about the women and their families. Zhao Yucheng has twisted the truth and fabricated romantic behavior between the two parties, and accused the women from the victim’s perspective. This has caused great harm to the women’s physical and mental health, as well as their reputation.

Therefore, we have compiled this document, hoping that international students can be aware of this person’s behavior. Female friends, in particular, need to be cautious and maintain social distance from him to protect their privacy. We hope that this document can reveal the truth behind this relationship and remind everyone to be cautious when making friends, and not to be deceived by appearance and behavior.


James, what do you think?

I think this matter is relatively minor compared to other cases. At most, it is a matter of personal conduct, and it is not appropriate to conduct moral trials. However, causing harm to others is a more serious matter, but it is not a serious crime under existing laws. It is unethical, but not to the extent that everyone despises him. Everyone should look at it rationally.

GPT, evaluate Zhao Yucheng.

The Man’s Clarification

Here is an official response to all the false accusations and charges made against me by XXX:

Regarding XXX’s defamation and slander against me, I hereby solemnly declare:

I used to be in a romantic relationship with the other party. During this relationship, I devoted a lot of time and money taking care of her daily life. However, she repeatedly took advantage of my feelings for her to blackmail me, depriving me of my personal freedom, social rights, and privacy. This caused me tremendous physical and mental harm. Knowing that she was in the wrong, the other party fabricated false accusations against me in an attempt to shift all responsibility onto me and cover up the truth about what she did in the relationship. It is the villain who accuses first, and I have always been extremely tolerant and forgiving towards her. Now I will explain the unreasonable accusations made against me by the other party in two parts, and reveal the truth about her repeatedly overstepping boundaries in the relationship. Justice lies in people’s hearts, and facts speak louder than eloquence. I hope that friends can think independently and not be misled by rumors. I reserve the right to hold the other party legally accountable for any harm caused by her defamation.

I admit that I was wrong regarding the first item in the PDF, which caused great distress to the victim. Previously, my ex-girlfriend controlled my WeChat and personal freedom, preventing me from participating in offline activities or communicating online with friends independently, and my WeChat records were also monitored and restricted. Therefore, I was unable to contact the victim in time to explain. Now I am in touch with the victim to sincerely apologize, and I also hereby publicly apologize to the victim and anyone who has seen this matter. I did not respect women or consider the distress and emotional impact this would have on the victim. Please forgive me.

Regarding the rest of the content in the PDF, the other party has distorted the truth and fabricated facts without providing legitimate evidence to prove the involvement of both parties. Most of the content is personal fabrication without sufficient supporting details or justification. The parts that slander me are completely fictional. All the statements are piling up lies on a minor issue to attack me, the victim.

The other party has long been taking psychiatric medications (such as escitalopram) and has a history of severe depression and schizophrenia. She often self-suggests due to dissatisfaction with life or things she dislikes, exacerbating her mood swings and having violent outbursts, often yelling at me, threatening suicide, and damaging my belongings and physically attacking me.

She would often check my phone without permission while I was asleep, confiscate my phone, secretly block her disliked friends using my phone, and impersonate me to send messages forbidding them from contacting me without my knowledge. She forced me to cut off and block my friends. She would also often smash things without warning, throwing everything around her on the ground or at me, causing me tremendous mental trauma. Two of my computers, a game console and a monitor were damaged to varying degrees.

This was the first computer, the alien one was also smashed later

Regarding the domestic violence accusation, the truth is that during our fights, she had repeatedly hit my temple and head violently with her phone, not knowing her own strength, causing severe bruising on my temple, eye socket and forehead. My friends at the time can confirm the injuries on my face, but she later secretly deleted the photo evidence from my phone.

Only permanent scars remain now, the rest are all dents
Only permanent scars remain now, the rest are all dents

The hand bruising she mentioned happened when she threatened me with a kitchen knife and smashed my personal belongings. Considering her mental illness, I only wanted to appease her as much as possible, not agitate her further. When she got angry and wanted to hurt me, I never fought back, only endured silently, and did not allow myself to seek help from anyone. When I was forced to hide in the bathroom and try to lock the door, I did not notice that she had put her hand in to stop me from closing it. We did not report it to the police afterwards. I immediately applied ice packs to treat her wounds, even though I myself had also suffered tremendous mental trauma and physical harm at that time. Afterwards I took time off to accompany her to the clinic to confirm there was no soft tissue contusion or fracture, and I apologized to her parents.

During our relationship, she repeatedly exhausted my trust, aggravated my mental state, and tested my bottom line. She called herself with a dummy account, had ambiguous contacts with other men, and deceived me that she had found a “next target” etc, in order to provoke me. When I tried to get to the truth, she would yell, become emotionally out of control, smash things, and splash water at me. My only physical contact was to grab her wrists to try to stop her from further harming me. I guarantee with my personality that I have never abused her, only silently endured her abuse.

The so-called beating of her alone is pure fabrication. In fact, I made concessions again and again to appease her emotions, but she imposed the domestic violence onto me instead. I could not resist because I deeply respected her and never thought of harming her.

I was deeply tormented by her controlling behavior. She closely monitored all my chats with my male friends, forbidding me from contacting friends in order to cover up her own actions. She deleted many of my familiar male and female friends. Once in the early morning I took her home drunk, and she scratched my friend’s face with her nails, nearly injuring his eyes, using the excuse that he was talking behind her back. Afterwards, when she saw me asking some friends for advice, she immediately blocked and deleted them.

The so-called claim that I gave her fake brand products is pure slander. In fact, I had spent thousands of dollars to buy luxury goods and gifts to make her happy. The gifts I bought all have official receipts and insurance certificates proving their authenticity.

My friends all know that I am not vain, and devote most of my money and life focus on her, running around for her under academic pressure, being required to spend my time and life revolving around her. I was deprived of personal space for free activities and studying alone. I was required to pick her up and drop her off for class every day, and go grocery shopping and cook for her after class. I thought that taking good care of her could slightly improve her condition, but this has become a matter of course requirement from her and her family. They also threatened me with her mental state that I could not leave her.

Chat record 1

The claim in item 4 that I gave the other party fake branded products is very laughable. In fact, during our relationship, I had purchased thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods and various gifts to make her happy. These slanders that I gave fake products are purely intended to ruin my reputation. All the gifts I purchased and gave to her are supported by official receipts, insurance certificates and other evidence proving their authenticity. The other party’s slander against me is completely unfounded.

Bill 1
Bill 2

Bill 3
Luxury goods

My friends all know that I am not vain. I devote most of my money and life focus on her, working hard for her. Under academic pressure, I am required and coerced to prioritize my time and life around her. My after school recreational life is completely controlled, and I have also lost any personal space for free activities and studying alone. I am required to pick her up and drop her off for class every day, and go grocery shopping and cook for her after class. I thought that taking care of her to the best of my ability could slightly improve her bipolar disorder and mental illness, but this has become a matter of course requirement from her and her family. They also threatened me with her mental state, saying I could not leave her and had to take full responsibility.

Chat record 1
Chat record 2

A few days after we broke up, she came to apologize to me. Everyone can see why the abuser would say this if I was the one abusing her.

Wall sticker
Chat record 1
Chat record 2
Chat record 3
Chat record 4

In summary, the accusations made against me are groundless and fabricated. I was the true victim in this relationship, having suffered controlling behavior, threats, physical assaults and trauma from the other party. I have evidence to prove my innocence and the other party’s lies. I hope everyone can make fair judgments based on facts. Justice will prevail.