UCSD - Yan Yuqi (Drug, Child Abuse, Extortion)

Exposing the Evil Deeds of Yan Yuqi, a Foreign Female Student in the US, who is Engaged in Drugs, Child Abuse, and Extortion

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Expose a drug-addicted female international student named Yan Yuqi (WeChat: 可爱小桃花/ins: Yuqiyannn) who ran away to Shanghai.

She put her own son in a urine pool filled with gas cylinders and lost control after taking drugs, and went out to eat sea urchins while leaving the child alone at home to starve to death. The police have determined this as a “possible criminal offense” and are investigating the specific cause of the child’s death.

Yan Yuqi and gas cylinders

During this process, Ms. Yan was anxious and uneasy, and dared not continue to live in her rented apartment. She wanted to use someone else’s identity to book a hotel room. Even when she went to a restaurant to eat, she thought that the police were coming to arrest her when she saw them outside, so she kept trembling outside and dared not go inside.

Moreover, when she was preparing to flee back to China, she heard her name being called over the airport broadcast and thought that the police were monitoring her and trying to arrest her, so she was scared and stayed in the airport toilet for two hours.

Gas cylinders scattered in the bathroom

Now that she is at a dead end, Ms. Yan frantically contacted her ex-boyfriend C and begged him not to let her spend the rest of her life in prison on the condition that she gave birth to a child for him. Ms. Yan did not even attend her own son’s funeral. After fleeing back to China, she began to extort money from her ex-boyfriend C, demanding that he help her deal with the troubles she left in the United States and pay all related expenses, including fines and debts for her apartment ($5-6K), moving and cleaning costs (nearly $900, due to thousands of gas cylinders on the ground), and even her medical expenses after returning to China.

Gas cylinders scattered in the living room

According to the exposure, Ms. Yan once shoplifted in a department store and received a lawsuit letter from the store. When C found out about this, he decided to break up with her. Ms. Yan swore to change her ways and begged for C’s forgiveness and a chance to reconcile. However, outside, she constantly slandered and defamed C, creating a false image of herself as a victim of C’s mistreatment.

During their cohabitation, C bore all the daily expenses and rent, while Ms. Yan turned things around and fantasized about claiming that she was the one supporting C.

She even threatened C, saying that if he didn’t pay her, she would slander and distort the truth.

After the final breakup in June 2022, C and Ms. Yan’s relationship had completely broken down. Several months later, Ms. Yan told C that she was already seven or eight months pregnant and had no source of income or ability to take care of herself during the pregnancy. C took Ms. Yan to the hospital for a check-up, confirming the pregnancy. Due to Ms. Yan’s situation, C agreed to temporarily move back in to take care of her until the child was safely born. However, because their relationship had already broken down, they could not provide a happy home for the child. Ms. Yan and C agreed that C would be responsible for choosing a happy foster home for the child and that Ms. Yan would not breastfeed the child.

Expense bill 1
Expense bill 2

After the child was born, he was adopted and taken care of by a LA Asian couple. However, Ms. Yan suddenly changed her mind and wanted the child back, using this as a way to force C to reconcile with her. Ms. Yan promised C that she would never again engage in illegal activities such as drug use, prostitution, and theft. However, when the child returned, Ms. Yan was still immersed in her drug-induced fantasies, failing to feed or change the child on time, even leaving the child in urine after getting high on drugs, in a room filled with gas cylinders.

When C came home from work and saw all this, he was furious. However, he still insisted on bathing the child, changing his diaper, and feeding him to ensure the child’s health and safety.

Ms. Yan’s bedroom

Ms. Yan had an emotional outburst and even picked up a kitchen knife and threatened C’s personal safety, which forced C to leave his own home. Since C and Ms. Yan were not married, Ms. Yan had sole custody of their child, and C could not take the child away without permission to raise him alone.

C wanted to check on the child’s safety, but Ms. Yan locked the door and even refused to let C see the child. During this time, Ms. Yan did not take care of the child, causing the child to become emaciated, with sunken eye sockets, blue skin, and bony limbs, and ultimately starved to death.

On the night before the child’s death, Ms. Yan even went to a Michelin-starred restaurant for a date, and even sent pictures of sea urchins to taunt C. When C asked about the child’s health, Ms. Yan ignored the question and only emphasized her emotional needs.

Ms. Yan only wanted to reunite with C through their child, falsely claiming that she would no longer use drugs, but did not want to take care of the child. She showed no mercy, respect, or appreciation for the fresh life that had just come into this world, and only wanted to extort money from C through the child to cover up her heinous behavior.

iMessage Chat Content 1

C: Type it out.

Yan Yuqi: Where are you?

C: You scared me with the way you held the knife.

C: Let’s talk when Dennis calms down.

C: It’s too dangerous.

Yan Yuqi: Why are you like this?

Yan Yuqi: You leave me with such difficult problems.

Yan Yuqi: Others have everything, and I have nothing.

Yan Yuqi: I’m trying my best to overcome it.

Yan Yuqi: You treat me like an enemy.

C: You were waving a knife at me.

C: The child was watching, and you were still using a knife to threaten me.

C: I was trying to talk to you calmly.

Yan Yuqi: You’re driving me crazy.

Yan Yuqi: Why do you always make things so difficult for me?

Previous Summary

On March 23 and the early morning of March 24, C bathed, changed the diaper, and fed the baby. For the health and safety of the child, C suggested taking the child away and raising it alone. However, Yan suddenly went crazy, picked up a kitchen knife, and threatened C’s personal safety, forcing C to leave.

According to reports, the day before the child’s death, Yan left the child alone at home and went on a date with someone else, sending photos to provoke C.

iMessage Chat Content 2

Yan Yuqi:

Sea Urchin

Yan Yuqi: No.

Yan Yuqi: I’m eating sea urchin.

C: Why did you go again?

Yan Yuqi: And I have abs.

C: Didn’t you go two days ago?

Yan Yuqi: This is the leftover stuff from playing.

Yan Yuqi: Because the sea urchin is different.

Yan Yuqi: And also, I have been like this since I was little.

Previous Summary
According to reports, the day before the child’s death, Yan left the child alone at home and went on a date with someone else, sending photos to provoke C.
iMessage Chat Content 3

C: What’s going on?

Yan Yuqi: We both got sick.

C: Why did you lock the door?

Yan Yuqi: What do you want?

C: What illness do you have?

C: A cold?

C: Should we take Charles to the hospital?

Yan Yuqi: Can’t sleep, lower abdomen hurts, and runny nose.

Yan Yuqi: Charles turned pale yesterday.

C: Did you leave him at home?

C: How is he now?

Yan Yuqi: I told you I can’t sleep, it’s really annoying.

Yan Yuqi: Are you a nitpicker? You always find fault.

During this period, C was concerned about the safety of the child and visited Yan’s home several times during the day, but Yan locked the door. On the evening of April 2nd, C learned that Yan was going to go to a Michelin restaurant to eat sea urchins. Because of concerns for the child’s safety, C returned to Yan’s home during the lunch break on April 3rd to check on the child’s condition. C heard the child crying at the door and wanted to go in to check, but the door was locked by Yan. C had to ask Yan about the child’s condition through text messages and asked if the child was healthy and safe. If there were any problems, they should go to the hospital immediately. Yan did not answer directly, and did not mention the child in the subsequent conversation, only repeatedly emphasizing her own needs.

iMessage Chat 4

Yan Yuqi: Can you help me buy some children’s cold medicine tonight?

Yan Yuqi: Charles’s cold is getting worse.

Yan Yuqi: It’s turning green.

Yan Yuqi: He’s about to die.

Yan Yuqi: He didn’t even suck milk today.

Yan Yuqi: Forget it.

Yan Yuqi: I guess you’re at work.

C: What’s the situation? Do you need to take him to the ER?

C: Can you take a picture and show me?

Yan Yuqi:

Charles turning green

Yan Yuqi: Look, he’s turning green.

Yan Yuqi: I thought it was because he slept for a long time, but it’s like this.

Yan Yuqi: He has a cold and sneezes.

Yan Yuqi: I got a referral from the hospital a few days ago.

Yan Yuqi: I didn’t expect him to get sick so suddenly.

C: I’ll be there soon.

C: Take him to the hospital. Is the child still breathing?

On the afternoon of April 4th, Ms. Yan saw that her child’s body had turned color before telling C that the child’s health was in danger, and sent a photo of the child. The child was already emaciated, with sunken eye sockets and a bluish complexion. When C saw the photo of the child, he was shocked and immediately rushed to the scene to take the child to the hospital for rescue. However, Ms. Yan was calm and even wanted to force a bottle into the mouth of the child who had already stopped breathing to cover up the fact that she had not fed the child.

At the hospital, the doctor informed C that although the child had a body temperature, he had already passed away. The police began to investigate the cause of the child’s death and examined the phones of C and Ms. Yan for evidence. It was discovered that Ms. Yan had threatened C with a knife in their conversation and informed C that the child’s death was a “possible criminal act”. Ms. Yan continued to threaten C’s personal safety and could provide the case number as evidence to assist C in obtaining a restraining order against Ms. Yan to ensure C’s personal safety in the future.


Statement from Yan Yuqi

I would like to respond to my situation:

First of all, I have never had a record of a chaotic private life. My hospital records prove that I have always been resistant to unprotected sex and I even promised to take responsibility if I became pregnant.

Secondly, the paternity test result is 99.99% certain that he is the father of the child, but when he went to the hospital, he claimed that he had no medical insurance and could not afford to raise the child with his income of 2,000 yuan, so he requested that the child be fostered. The doctor can testify to this.

Thirdly, out of mutual respect, I did not reveal the child’s surname to any relatives or friends. I have repeatedly stated that I am a new mother and I can afford it financially, but I also hope that he will take responsibility as a father. However, he said that the child and I were dragging him down, and even asked me to seek a psychologist to cope with it. Call records can prove this.

Fourthly, he believed that my lifestyle would affect the child’s health, but during the hospitalization, I underwent a comprehensive screening and consulted with doctors. After the child was born, a comprehensive examination was also conducted, and there were no problems. Medical records can prove this.

Fifthly, two days before the child’s death, I had already informed him that the child and I were both sick. He believed that I was the natural guardian of the child, so everything he did was extra help. In fact, he and I shared half of the guardianship responsibility, but he was unwilling to take responsibility.

Sixth, he did not pay me any compensation for the pregnancy, and after my child and I passed away, he used the child to justify his actions and avoid taking responsibility. He knew my whereabouts but did not sympathize with my pain of losing a child. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to avoid being reported and mistreated me while slandering me.

Essentially, he is an irresponsible, finger-pointing, selfish, petty, photo-editing, and STD-infected person. Despite his irresponsibility, he still pretends to be perfect and even applies for a restraining order, which is truly ridiculous.

Excerpt 1

The branded girlfriend bought him a Ferrari, which he paid for with a loan. He had to pay 2,000 RMB per month for the car loan and had no medical insurance. During the pregnancy, the girlfriend suggested doing a DNA test, but the man ignored the safety of the pregnant woman during the eight months of pregnancy. After the child was born, the man said that he could not afford to raise the child and wanted to give the child to someone else, but the woman did not agree. So, the man left the child with the single girlfriend and disappeared, only offering to compensate her with 40,000 RMB.

During the postpartum period, the girlfriend was weak and sick, and the child’s condition was also very serious, eventually leading to death. The man had been drinking outside all the time, claiming to be doing business, but he had always owed financial support and had never taken care of the girlfriend and the child. Afterwards, the man said that the girlfriend had killed his child by neglecting to take care of it. The girlfriend, for personal safety and emotional reasons, decided to leave the country and return home.

In order to continue pretending to be rich and to find more girls to pay for him, the man distorted the truth and even accused the girlfriend of being on the run. He promised to help the girlfriend handle things, but in reality, he only dealt with the things that were jointly owned, and he did not even send back the girlfriend’s personal belongings. The man also lied that the girlfriend had already fled back to her country, and even concealed her positive Covid test result, claiming that she had an STD.

Chat Record 1

Yan Yuqi: Still talking nonsense here.

Other: You’re amazing, you came back early.

Yan Yuqi: When we sent the person to the hospital, the police came to my house to investigate. If I had any problems, I wouldn’t be able to leave the country, and there would be a record on my passport. So, there’s no problem. Use some common sense and stop talking nonsense, okay?

Chat Record 2

Yan Yuqi: Because he ignored it.

Yan Yuqi: I told him a long time ago that the child and I were sick.

Yan Yuqi: I was unconscious, and he left me at home.

Yan Yuqi: I had just given birth and my body was weak.

Yan Yuqi: I needed a car seat to take a taxi.

Yan Yuqi: I said I needed to go to the emergency room.

Yan Yuqi: He told me to go by myself.

Yan Yuqi: Other drivers wouldn’t carry a baby without a car seat, it’s illegal.

Yan Yuqi: It’s like the child isn’t his, he only said he would have a child when he was happy, and then he found various excuses when I got pregnant.


Chat Record 2

Yan Yuqi: Because he ignored it

Yan Yuqi: I have told him that the child and I were sick a long time ago

Yan Yuqi: I was already unconscious, and he left me at home

Yan Yuqi: I just gave birth to a child

Yan Yuqi: I was physically weak

Yan Yuqi: I needed a car seat to take a taxi

Yan Yuqi: I said I wanted to go to the emergency room

Yan Yuqi: He told me to go by myself

Yan Yuqi: Other drivers won’t carry a baby without a car seat, it’s illegal

Yan Yuqi: It’s like it’s not his child, he just said he would have a baby when he was happy

Yan Yuqi: When I got pregnant, he found all kinds of excuses to shift the blame

Chat Record 3

C: You ran away and still say I’m not responsible? You haven’t returned the house yet, you haven’t contacted the hospital about the child’s burial, and the police will come and ask me about your matter.

Yan Yuqi: I ran away?

Yan Yuqi: Don’t slander me, okay?

Yan Yuqi: I told you I would handle it

Yan Yuqi: Then you transfer money and pay compensation

Yan Yuqi: You should compensate for what needs to be compensated

Yan Yuqi: I couldn’t find you before

Yan Yuqi: You said you couldn’t meet because the police were investigating

Yan Yuqi: You’re so confused. How can you be like this?

Yan Yuqi: The child is more important than money

C: … Now you’re asking for money, saying I’m money-oriented

C: When the house is returned and the hospital is contacted, I can give it to you. If you’re in a hurry, you can contact the community and hospital first and then I can help you send the box back, okay?

Chat Record 4

Yan Yuqi: The mother of the deceased child did not take care of him when he was alive, and now she uses him to gain sympathy.

Other: Yes.

Yan Yuqi: I did not neglect to seek medical attention for my child.

Yan Yuqi: He told me to go to the emergency room by myself.

Yan Yuqi: I already told him that if my condition worsens and I can’t call for emergency help, what should I do?

Yan Yuqi: I was already unconscious at home.

Yan Yuqi: I even had my child undergo a religious ritual for the dead.

Charge 2

Firstly, C never sought public accounts or purchased water army hype, and Ms. Yan immediately extorted C after returning to China, which C did not agree to. After that, Ms. Yan harassed C’s friends through various channels and published a defamatory article about C. In fact, “exposure article” was first published by Ms. Yan, but all the content in the article was fabricated and had no evidence. Later, C had to refute and clarify this so-called “exposure article” to reveal the truth to everyone. The reason why this article was widely spread on the Internet was that Ms. Yan’s actions were too extreme, which had seriously challenged people’s values.

Secondly, Ms. Yan claimed that C had put the child in foster care without permission and slandered C by saying “the child and Ms. Yan dragged C to get rich”. In fact, this was completely made up by Ms. Yan. After the child was born, Ms. Yan clearly stated that she would not breastfeed the child. Before the child was born, the two parties had already agreed to find a responsible adoptive family for the child to have a better future, which was a consensus between the two parties, not just C’s idea. Regarding the choice of adoptive family, Ms. Yan never participated. C found an Asian couple living in Los Angeles who took great care of the child and were very concerned about the child. When they saw the child for the first time, they cried and even built a playground in their backyard. After the child was adopted, Ms. Yan, who had sole custody, took the child back without consulting with C (according to local laws in the United States, the child’s mother has the right to take back the child within a specified period of time). During this period, Ms. Yan repeatedly promised and swore to C that she would quit drugs, take good care of the child, and even raised the reason to “not deprive her of her rights as a mother”.

Chat Record

Yan Yuqi: I can’t sleep.

Yan Yuqi: After having a son, I promise you that I won’t do drugs.

Yan Yuqi: I won’t encourage you anymore.

Yan Yuqi: Ta.

Yan Yuqi: Laborer.

Yan Yuqi: Husband.

Yan Yuqi: I’ll change.

Yan Yuqi: This way, your two years won’t be wasted.

Guaranteed not to use drugs after having a child.

But after the child was taken back, Ms. Yan still did not keep her so-called promise and continued to harass C every day, until he had urinary and fecal incontinence.

Urinary and fecal incontinence

Since C and Ms. Yan are not in a marital relationship and have not established any marriage relationship, the custody of the child belongs only to the child’s mother. After being threatened with a knife by Ms. Yan, C attempted to seek help from lawyers and social workers to fight for custody of the child, but was told that these legal actions would take time to complete.

Conversation between social worker and C

Social Worker:

Have you made any progress for Charles? Here are some numbers if you feel there is no other choice. You can be anonymous if you so choose.

To Report Child Abuse · Santa Clara County 24-hour Hotline: 833-722-5437 · San Jose Area: (408) 299-2071 ·

You can also call the police department to ask for a well person check if you are blocked from going in to see what is happening. The number to call is 468-277-8900. If it is needed call 911 and talk to the dispatcher.

I know this is hard and I too am struggling with what has happened and continues based on what you shared. Please let me know what takes place to make things safe for Charles.

C: Thanks David, that helps a lot. I don’t have time to meet her yesterday, she didn’t take my phone call. So I still need to talk with her first to see what happen now

One day, when C returned to Yan’s residence after work, he saw a shocking scene. Yan had taken drugs and lost control of her bladder, leaving the child lying in urine, next to used gas cylinders (as shown in the figure below). However, in the so-called “shocking reversal” article, Yan lied and claimed that she had never used drugs after the child was born.

Charles covered in urine

C was furious and trembling when he saw this scene. However, he still insisted on bathing the child, changing the diaper, and feeding the baby. Here, I want to ask Yan a question: Can you honestly swear that you have the basic ability to take care of and feed your own child like a normal and qualified mother?

C’s biggest regret was not reporting to the police at that time. Because he believed that Yan still had some humanity and would not completely abandon her own flesh and blood. He did not expect that Yan would starve her own child to death the day after eating Michelin (sea urchin).

iMessage Chat Content

Yan Yuqi:

Sea urchin

Yan Yuqi: No.

Yan Yuqi: I’m eating sea urchin.

C: Why did you go again?

Yan Yuqi: And I have abs.

C: Didn’t you go the day before yesterday?

Yan Yuqi: These are leftover from playing.

Yan Yuqi: Because sea urchin is different.

Yan Yuqi: And also, I have been like this since I was little.

After seeing this scene, C was so angry that he was shaking. Nevertheless, he persisted in washing the child, changing diapers, and feeding him. Here, I would like to ask Ms. Yan a question: do you have the basic ability of a normal and qualified mother to take care of and feed your own child?

C’s biggest regret is that he did not report to the police at that time. He thought that Ms. Yan still had some humanity and would not let her own flesh and blood perish. What he didn’t expect was that Ms. Yan would starve her own child to death the day after eating at Michelin (sea urchin).


C never asked Ms. Yan for money, only asked her to pay the fine she incurred in the apartment, totaling $5,211.20. This includes the cost of replacing the carpet and floor in the apartment, due to Ms. Yan’s incontinence.

Ms. Yan claimed that C’s statement that she was supporting him was purely her own fantasy and welcomed her to provide evidence to prove otherwise. Ms. Yan has been having hallucinations since she started using drugs, and even sent messages to C’s friends claiming “my father is the mayor” when she was in a delusional state. The following image is evidence of Ms. Yan harassing one of C’s friends.

Harassment of C’s friend

Fourth, regarding Ms. Yan’s claim that she has never had a chaotic private life, please look at the following evidence:

Masturbation and drug use

Ms. Yan masturbates with a sex toy while inhaling drugs, and even puts paper underneath to avoid leaking urine.

True character

Ms. Yan’s high school and university classmates exposed her true character.

Evidence of fraud

Netizens accused her of fraud multiple times.

Chat records

During her relationship with C, Ms. Yan had flirtatious conversations with various men.

Regarding the issue of Ms. Yan not handling her child’s funeral, C had visited the hospital multiple times to inquire about the child’s autopsy and funeral arrangements, but was told that he did not have the authority. The hospital informed C that the necessary samples for the autopsy had been collected, but there were only two forensic doctors in the entire county, and there were many cases waiting for autopsy, so they had to wait. Since Ms. Yan had custody of the child, her signature was required for the child’s funeral, but Ms. Yan had fled back to China.

In order to bury the child as soon as possible, C is in discussions with the hospital about whether they can bypass Ms. Yan for the funeral. This is a local policy and legal requirement, which can be verified by legal or hospital professionals.

Here, we request that Ms. Yan take responsibility for her actions and at least allow the child to be buried as soon as possible. If Ms. Yan is really innocent as she claims, we urge her to return to the United States to attend the child’s funeral and wait for the results of the police investigation. This will make the truth clearer and also give her a “clean slate.”

Abandoned armor and weapons

The sixth point is about the so-called “pregnancy compensation” issue. Ms. Yan did not fulfill her responsibilities as a mother and let her own flesh and blood starve to death. And on the night before the child’s death, she was still eating Michelin-starred sea urchins. C already hates Ms. Yan to the bone, and Ms. Yan still dares to demand “pregnancy compensation”? Then who should compensate for the deceased child?

Until the formal investigation results are released, Ms. Yan’s entry and exit cannot be easily restricted, which is a principle followed by all countries’ laws. If Ms. Yan has done nothing wrong, why was she so nervous when she saw the police in public? If losing a child is so painful, why didn’t she bury the child in a timely manner, attend the funeral, and take even her luggage before fleeing back to China?

iMessage Chat Content

Yan Yuqi: Husband, why are there so many police officers in this plaza?

Yan Yuqi: I’m so scared.

C: ?

Yan Yuqi: Husband, I don’t know if I can trust you.

Yan Yuqi: What if they arrest me?

Yan Yuqi: Can you swear you won’t deceive me?

Yan Yuqi: You ask me why I have to live in Building 1.

Yan Yuqi: Because I always remember you when you just moved in and your eyes were shining. I’m so excessive, it’s my fault.

Yan Yuqi: Husband, I’m sorry for making you suffer.

Yan Yuqi: You should sleep early.

Yan Yuqi: I talked to my parents. My dad said if I [balloon], he would sever ties with me. My mom said everyone is afraid and that I’m bullying you. I’m really excessive and have caused you too much harm.

Yan Yuqi: I know I was wrong. You should sleep first.

Yan Yuqi: Husband, you always give me the good food like noodles and hamburgers. I’m really sorry.

Yan Yuqi: When I was with you, I didn’t bring you any benefits. Even after breaking up, I still give you mental pressure at night, but you never blamed me. You’re really gentle. Husband, can you not abandon me? I really don’t know how to live without you.

Wishful Thinking
Ms. Yan calling her ex-boyfriend “husband” after the breakup is purely her own wishful thinking.

Point 7: Ms. Yan claimed that a child seat was needed when taking a taxi. Why didn’t she immediately call 911 for an ambulance in a life-threatening situation instead of taking a taxi to the emergency room? C never let Ms. Yan take a taxi to the emergency room herself. After seeing the child’s condition, C immediately drove the child to the hospital. So, in what situation do you think it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance?

iMessage chat content

C: It’s useless to say these things now. I’m not a police officer. Let’s talk after the results come out.

Yan Yuqi: I don’t know what I was thinking. I just thought his condition seemed not serious enough to need an ambulance. I never thought of calling an ambulance.

Point 8: Regarding false accusations such as STB and WEEE, Ms. Yan is requested to stop spreading false statements and provide substantive evidence. Ms. Yan shamelessly claimed that C’s photo evidence was photoshopped. Professional netizens are welcome to authenticate the photos to determine whether they have been photoshopped. If there are relevant professionals around Ms. Yan, they are also welcome to photoshop C’s photos into those rooms full of oxygen cylinders.

If there is any doubt about the chat records, please provide a screen recording of the chat records to prove that the records were written by Ms. Yan herself.

Finally, if Ms. Yan is truly as innocent and concerned about her child as she claims, she should return to the United States to bid farewell to her child and wait for the police to investigate the case and find the truth for her child.


GPT, evaluate the two sides of the event.